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10 Amazing Gifts for Impossible to Shop for People

impossible to shop for people

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There’s always that someone in your life for whom it feels impossible to buy the right gift!  Many of us spend hours stressing over what to get for that difficult person. We want  Check out our curated list of 10 unique giftsfor impossible to shop for people below:

Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle

This Amazon #1 best selling capsule message in a bottle is sure to make someone smile! This gift comes in different sizes from 25 capsules to 90 capsules. All capsules open up and have blank pieces of paper inside for you to write whatever you like! Buy this and save it and write memories and sentiments you share with this person and when it’s all filled up you have the best personalized and sentimental gift! This is something someone will cherish forever! 

You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an An Awesome Life

You can’t go wrong with gifting the New York Times bestselling self-help book, You are a Badass! This book sold over three million copies and is a quick read  packed with laughs, inspiration, and advice! It’s the perfect gift for someone that enjoys reading, or just anyone that wants a little kickstart to enhance their life! 

Giant Jenga 

The giant authentic Jenga game builds up to 5 feet! It keeps people of all ages entertained for hours. Complete with 54 wood blocks, this Jenga is close to 15 times the volume of a normal Jenga block. It comes with a heavy-duty carry bag to store all the huge pieces. Try out this twist on the classic game everyone knows and loves! The set is currently on sale, so now is the perfect time to buy this! 

The Ultimate Bar Book

Become your own mixologist with this book! Complete with over 1000 cocktails, The Ultimate Bar Book will keep someone busy for months! Get this gift for that person that is hard to buy for and spend time with them making different drinks! It might even foster a new hobby! 

Sleek Wine Glasses 

These uniquely shaped wine glasses bring a sophisticated look to your evenings! The bowl shaped glasses are designed to accommodate all varieties of wine; red, white, champagne and rose. No more need for four different glasses for all your wines! These sleek glasses will make enjoying wine even more fun. They are dishwasher safe, making the clean up even better! The set comes in gift packaging, even more the reason to gift these today! 

Air Fryer

 Make that special someone’s life easier by giving them an air fryer! The Ultrean Air Fryer, now on sale, makes cooking easy! Throw chicken, salmon, veggies, anything you want and your food will come out cooked to perfection! This 4 liter air fryer uses electric hot air to cook your food so anyone can enjoy their favorite foods, guilt free! The Ultrean comes in four different colors and has a one year warranty. If your somebody doesn’t already have an air fryer, get them one today, they will love it! 

Embark Dog DNA Test 

Get the dog lover in your life a full dog DNA test! Lots of people want to know just exactly what their furry friend is. Embark, partnered with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, screens for over 350 different dog breeds, types and varieties. Simply register the code, swab your dog’s cheek, send it in and wait 2-4 weeks to see the true identity of your four-legged companion! Embark can also find and connect you with dogs that share the same DNA, like a dog cousin or sibling! With a 4.8 star rating, and the kit on sale, this is an awesome gift for a dog mom or dad! 

Himalyan Salt Plate

Give this Himalayan salt plate to anyone! It is a unique gift anyone is sure to be intrigued by. The 8 “ by 12 “ plate naturally infuses Himalayan salt to foods placed on the block. The plate can be used as a cooking surface on a grill to make steaks, shrimp, chicken, vegetables or anything you might whip up! Aside from it’s unique use, it looks gorgeous sitting on any table with its porcelain coated holder! 

Bonsai Grow Starter Kit

This Bonsai starter kit is an awesome DIY gift! Complete with a step-by-step guide, anyone can successfully grow a Bonsai tree. The kit comes with four different types of Bonsai seeds, four growing pots, soil disc, and four plant markers. The plants can thrive indoors or outdoors at any time of the year! With a 100% satisfaction guarantee this is a cool gift to give! 

Amazon EGift Card

If nothing will truly satisfy the person you’re giving a gift to, you can’t go wrong with a gift card! Amazon customized E gift cards make it easy to send a quick gift! Simply pick the design you want on the front of the card, enter the amount and the gift card will be in their inbox or text message! 

It can feel impossible to find a gift for someone that doesn’t want anything or has everything. We hope this list will give you some ideas to get your special someone a unique gift they deserve and will love! 


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