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become a 50plus today contributor

We believe the 50Plus-Today person is an active individual, not somebody who’s thinking they’re on the last journey of life. They want to take advantage of all the world has to offer, and look for ways to facilitate an active lifestyle and promote a good quality of life. If this definition describes you, you have a story to share, and you like to write please let us know! Others can likely benefit from your insights. 

About Contributors

We receive many queries to write for and greatly appreciate all the interest. To maintain the integrity of our publication, our contributors must speak directly to our 50Plus audience and their families. We prefer to work with individuals who share helpful information based on personal experiences to professional writers without first-hand knowledge of the challenges encountered by this age group. Please see the writer guidelines/requirements below if interested in submitting content.

Benefits of Submitting Content

We include a headshot, bio and website/contact information with each article accepted for publication. In addition, we widely share your content on social media to give you as much exposure as possible. Being published is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in the space and grow your business. In return for posting your content, we ask that you also share the link on your social media channels.


We cover a wide range of topics pertinent to the 50Plus population and their families. If you have wisdom and/or a unique perspective to share related to lifestyle, fashion, travel, aging well, health/wellness, nutrition, self-improvement, retirement, or finance for this group, we are open to your ideas!

Writer Guidelines and Requirements

  • You are part of our target audience or work with the 50Plus community.
  • Articles provide valuable insight and information based on personal experience and do not contain a sales pitch.
  • Content is written in a casual tone in the first person with a word count between 600-1000.
  • Submitted content is original and not posted anywhere else on the internet.
  • Photos are shareable and free from copyright (we will provide images if not sent with your submission)

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to edit articles and titles as needed for brand consistency, SEO purposes, spelling/grammar and language. Once your post is published it is the property of  Affiliate links, shopping pages, or links to low-authority sites will be taken removed if included in your submission. You may include citation links to valuable content on external websites or on (links are subject to approval from prior to publishing)