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8 Perfect Holiday Gifts if Your Mom Lives in a Nursing Home

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If your mom lives in a nursing home, you know it’s unlikely she needs or wants a frivolous gift. It’s just more clutter. Get her something she can use. This doesn’t mean your present can’t be a little bit luxurious; you want her to feel special. So buy her something that’s useful that she wouldn’t buy for herself. Below are twelve carefully chosen gifts we recommend to keep your mom comfortable, warm and happy.

Our curated gift list for Mom in the Nursing Home

La Palm Massage Lotion French Rose


This brand of lotion is my absolute favorite. La Palm makes other scents too, but I tend to go back each time to the French Rose. I buy this lotion for my mom all the time because she comments on the scent every time I wear it.  It makes a great gift not only because it smells good, but it goes on velvety smooth and quickly soaks into your skin. Mom and I both hate when you have to take a lot of time to rub in body lotion. Made with aloe vera and vitamin E, I first discovered this product at a nail salon when I went in for a pedicure one day. The technician used in on my legs and I immediately asked to buy a bottle for myself. It cost $25, and, I thought, well worth it. But then I found it on amazon for $11.50! Everyone who tries this moisture restoring lotion loves it!

Classy Pal Clothing Protectors for Eating


This adult bib catches crumbs easily and looks pretty while it does so! Some seniors experience shaky hands or a decrease in hand-eye coordination, so this lovely item comes in handy! Many older adults feel demoralized if they must wear a bib, but now your loved one can feel dignified, confident and beautiful. With it’s beautiful embroidered detail and soft high quality material, people often mistake this clothing protector for a shirt or accessory. These “bibs” are washable and comfortable with velcro closures. I bought one for myself too to wear while I eat in my car while on the road! Six beautiful designs to choose from. Made in the U.S.A. 

Cozy Fleece Wrap Shawl With Large Front Pockets


This super-soft cozy fleece wrap is the perfect way to warm your mom’s shoulders on a chilly day. Available in six colors, burgundy, winter white, black, camel, lavender or royal blue, this wrap features two large front pockets. Who doesn’t love pockets?! It’s easy to put on and take off and mom will feel beautiful when she wears it. Made of polyester. 


Blankiegram Hugs Blanket 

This custom luxurious fleece blanket is the perfect caring gift. Everyone can use a hug at any given moment. Make sure your mom knows you are thinking of her, whether you are in her room or far away when she wraps herself in your warm hugs. It is available in five colors, all chosen for its qualities that help soothe the soul and recharge and energize the spirit. I like purple in particular because purple is known to help bring sleep, soothe mental and emotional stress and decrease sensitivity to pain. Let the purple color envelop mom in its compassion and calmness. This brand, BlankieGram, donates blankies to people who might not otherwise receive a gift of loving encouragement; every purchase helps them to “cover the world in hugs”.

Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow


This 5-in-1 folding memory foam wedge pillow uses a foldable design that offers great support for your back, head or legs. It keeps you comfy whether sitting or laying down. Use this angled bed pillow at a 30-or 60-degree angle to provide the right elevation and support for your upper and lower back. It helps to increase blood flow, promote breathing, and reduce snoring and heartburn at night! In addition, this incline cushion helps reduce the effects of knee pain, back pain, varicose veins, edema, and more! Made from breathable high-density memory foam, it contours to the shape of your body for all day comfort. Great for sleeping, reading, watching TV and/or post surgery. Easy to clean and store without taking much space.

Sherpa Fleece 100% Oeko-Tex Certified Reversible Minky Weighted Blanket


Sleep becomes elusive as we age. The reason? It could be muscle aches or restless legs. Or, sometimes elderly adults simply like the comfort, warmth and weight from extra blankets on their bed. I know I do. This luxurious, yet cozy, twenty pound reversible weighted blanket is a perfect solution whatever the reason. Weighted blankets help relax your nervous system, which in turn reduces anxiety and stress, making it easier to fall asleep.  This minky soft blanket can be gently washed, though to make it easier to stay clean, order a washable duvet cover  too.

Pembrook Non Skid Slipper Socks

16.95 (4 pairs)

These super soft high quality fuzzy chenille slipper socks are the softest luxury hospital socks you’ll find. Slip them on, kick back and enjoy the amazing comfort and warmth. Designed for hospital patients to help prevent falls with gripping rubber treads on the bottom, these socks are great for everyone. Order a few pairs for yourself too! These socks are very stretchy and fit most adults.


Realistic and Lifelike Interactive Companion Cats


Don’t laugh – this cat provides older adults with hours of companionship and comfort!  With its cat-like movements & sounds: revolutionary vibrapurr technology gives the cat an authentic purr that sounds and feels just like real purring. As real cats do, this companion pet cat opens and closes its eyes, lift its paw, open its mouth and move its head and body. Due to built in sensors, these pet cats respond to motion and touches such as petting and hugging, much like real cats. The companion pet cat also has synthetic, soft, brushable fur inspired by real feline breeds. These furry friends come in four different colors, which is great if you want one that looks like a real pet mom had in the past. This fun and engaging gift brings joy, fun and connection to aging loved ones and their families. It’s so realistic, visitors might think it’s real!


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