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Navigating Granbury, Texas With a Disability

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updated 12/24/2020

Why is Granbury so popular?

Let’s talk first about why you might go to Granbury at all. 

This great little town an easy road trip from DFW, and is between the Upper Hill Country and North Texas. Some say this little town is the most charming place in Texas and I agree. A visit to this quaint spot creates lasting memories.  Festivals, events and attractions galore make this spot ideal for travelers of all ages. Granbury and the surrounding areas boast a wide variety of accommodations, both hotels, B&Bs and Airbnb’s.

If you enjoy the water, Lake Granbury is fabulous. Relax on the sandy beach (man-made) or participate in a water activity. A leisurely walk, hike or bicycle ride through Granbury’s extensive trail system is also lovely.

Texas History in Granbury

Are you into history? Granbury reveals its rich past at more than 40 historic sites. The historic downtown, Granbury Town Square, offers great boutiques and small restaurants. The square was the first in Texas listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district.

Founded in 1860, Granbury was named for Brigadier General Hiram B. Granbury, commander of the Texas Brigade. A number of colorful characters, both real and fictitious, resided in Granbury through the years. For example, Elizabeth Patton Crockett moved here with her son Robert after her husband, Davy Crocket, passed. She later perished in the Battle of the Alamo. Descendents of this family still live in the area to this day.

Outlaw Legends

President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin John Wilkes Booth was a Granbury resident, according to popular legend. Some people say he actually lived in Granbury under an assumed name, though people thought he was dead. Rumors that it was a Booth look-a-like actually killed circulated, and Booth fled to Granbury. He called himself John St. Helen and worked as an actor and bartender. The story goes on to say that Booth—or St. Helen— favored his left leg due to an injury from his leap from the balcony onto the stage below after he shot the president. 

People say outlaw Jesse James also resided in Granbury. Like Booth, legend says it was an associate of James that was killed, while James escaped to Granbury. Once there, he lived out his life as J. Frank Dalton and declared his true identity right before he ultimately died in 1951. An autopsy alleged that the man who died in Granbury was the real Jesse James.

ADA Compliance

If you have a disability, you need to know that most of the historic buildings in Granbury are not ADA compliant as ADA regulations were not in place when built. However, when the city renovates these older venues, they include accessibility features. A great example is the Granbury Theater which is completely wheelchair accessible.

The Nutt House, currently under construction on the square, promises accessibility as well. The others, not there yet, are extremely conscious about working with people with mobility disabilities. The sidewalks on the square are constructed to accommodate wheelchairs.

The Hilton Garden Inn, located walking distance from the historic square and next to the Granbury Beach, is a newer building with accessibility features available. Hotel Lucy is another newer hotel near the beach, built after ADA laws went into effect. 

Please check back – we will update this article with additional information about accessibility after the pandemic. Our research had to be discontinued for now.


ACCESSIBLE GRANBURY  is an entire website designed to help seniors and others with mobility disabilities comfortably visit Granbury. The site rates venues on a 5 star system to help determine the level of accessibility offered at the location.




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