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How Your Grandchildren Can Keep You Young

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As the years fly by, we suddenly take on a whole new interest in what is going to slow down the aging process. We start to take a close look at our lifestyle and a closer look at those fountain of youth products. Eating better, getting proper rest and counting each day as a blessing becomes a priority. Yet many of us don’t realize we already possess one of the best anti-age commodities known to man. This precious commodity is our grandchildren.We can really escalate our aging process just by the way we think. It’s not uncommon to hit a certain age where society says you are old – – and you begin to think old. Being out in a field throwing a baseball may no longer be a good idea, and waking at the crack of dawn to venture out on a fishing trip with the kids may be difficult, but you can engage in modified activities. You are what you think you are. Sure, you may not be able to run a relay race with the grandkids, but I bet if you think about it you can walk many miles right along beside them.

The key is to become actively involved with the grandkids. While kids love to have wonderfully cooked meals prepared by grandma, followed by her famous apple pie, spending the afternoon apple picking before dinner creates additional memories. Instead of sitting by the pool watching the kids play, jump in with them. Let your grandchildren play an active role in keeping you young in body, mind and soul.

Older adults often comment that life isn’t the way it used to be. Yet we are often responsible for allowing the modern world to rob us of the values and lifestyles we embraced as children, instead of passing them down. We are actually contributors to the old fashioned family drifting apart.
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author: Lyn J Rayner

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