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Every Towel Bar Should Be a Grab Bar!

age in place bathrooms

By  Leslie Farin
originally posted July 9, 2018
updated November 27, 2020

Age in Place Bathrooms

Many people treat their bathroom as a sanctuary. And why not? This room frequently serves as a spa-like retreat in which to enjoy time alone on a daily basis. Beautiful bathrooms are easily achieved with the wide range of products available these days, but can be costly. For that reason, design your new bathroom to use for the long-term no matter what your current age or physical ability.

The ideal bathroom is serene, stylish, and of course, safe. It should feel more like a resort instead of a rehab facility. Think a safe bathroom can’t be beautiful? Yes it can, thanks to new safety products on the market.

A twist on towel bars

Towel bars are generally located in convenient locations outside the bath or shower. While understandable, bathers tend to instinctively grab onto them to ease in and out when finished. As towel bars are not designed to support the weight of a person, this common act creates a serious fall risk. It makes sense to use a grab bar in place of a grab bar to both hold towels and serve as an assist when needed.

Today, grab bars are found in decorative finishes and designs to seamlessly integrate with the style of your bathroom. These bars, previously thought of as utilitarian, now easily add both beauty and functionality which allows you to age in place in your home.

Note: One of my favorite places to buy designer grab bars is at Great Grabz, where they describe their grab bars as “Jewelry for Your Home”. 



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