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8 Best Healthcare Apps 2022

best healthcare apps 2021

by Ellen Blake

The Mobile Health Movement

Navigating the crazy world of healthcare can be a full-time job these days. It’s complicated and messy. As an individual with chronic health issues myself, and someone who is a caregiver for an elderly parent, I find today’s technology helps simplify the process. 

The mobile health app market is growing steadily. These application programs offer health-related services for smartphones and tablets. Accessible to people both at home and on-the-go, health apps are an important part of the movement towards mobile health (mHealth) programs in healthcare. With well over 300,000 health apps available worldwide, and approximately 200 more added daily, we have almost double the number of apps today than just two years ago.

Why use mobile health apps? 

Mobile apps help to:

  1. assist in monitoring health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy,mental health and more
  2. organize personal health records and provide easy access to share when needed
  3. help keep track of and provide reminders for medications 

We all know the cost of health care is astronomical. Health apps not only help us live healthier lives, but also reduce overall health costs for both patients and providers. If you have not yet tried one yourself or for a loved one, now is a good time to start!


Medisafe Pill Minder and Tracker

Medisafe is perhaps the best-known medication-related healthcare app and one of my personal favorites.  Available on both Android and IOS, Medisafe helps me to easily stay on top of my medications. It even comes with doctor visit management, appointment alert features and health measurement trackers. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) driven technology that dynamically engages patients during the course of their treatment based on each patient’s regimen, condition and specific circumstance. 


OneRecord makes it easy to keep your medical history and records all in one place. This app, offered on both on Android and IOS platforms enables you to access, aggregate and even share your healthcare data with family and your physician. You can consolidate your lab results, immunizations and medications in one place – from different health institutions. What a time saver!


Is it something you ate? This easy-to-use food diary & symptom tracker can help figure out the culprit. With it, you can track what you eat along with bowel movements and symptoms. Available on both iOS and Android, this app is particularly helpful for those who suspect allergies or digestive disorders. Friends who use this app say it’s probably the most comprehensive, smart, beautifully designed, and well-thought-out healthcare app available. 


Febo is a Health ToolBox created to help make life a little bit easier. for individuals with chronic health conditions. This multi-purpose app offers several condition-management tools such as a pill reminder, sleep log, activity log, food diary, pee & poo diary and trigger diary. With this app you can also track symptoms and daily activites. In addition, Febo provides patients with reliable news for over 1000+ conditions. Other features include the ability to track symptoms and engage with a community of other chronic-illness patients. You can find this app in the app store or on google play.

Insight Timer

Don’t forget the importance of taking care of your mental health in addition to your physical health. This free app for sleep, anxiety and stress is a favorite among more than six million people. It’s expansive library houses an excess of 35,000 guided meditations taught by renowned instructors.

This app is wonderful for people still trying to find the type of meditations that work best for them; they have lots to choose from. If you’re not familiar with meditation, it is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. Abundant research demonstrates the many benefits of adopting this type of practice which include better emotional health, higher levels of concentration, lower stress and anxiety, and so much more. Both iOS and Android platform support InsightTimer.


The FirstAid app, available from the App store and Google Play, can help save lives. This one was new to me, recommended by Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D, a psychologist who works with clients who are caregivers to their elderly loved ones,

This app is essential for carers. While this highly-rated software is valuable to everyone, it is especially suggested for those who care for the elderly. It walks you through how to handle medical emergencies. step by step. The software includes instructions for common first -aid scenarios, a 911 call button, emergency actions and movies that make learning first aid exciting and straightforward.”

Emergency situations that may require first aid can occur anytime, anywhere. The FirstAid app is an important tool that puts free and simple lifesaving information at their fingertips. However, Dr. Lombardo cautions that while the app is helpful in emergencies, it is not a substitute for first aid training. She still recommends caregivers take a first-aid and/or CPR course.

GoodRx and GoodRx Care

Hopefully you are familiar with GoodRx, an app (and website) that provides curated, geographically relevant price comparisons and negotiated prices on prescriptions. This is an app I use all the time because often the GoodRx price for my medications is less than my insurance copay!  For consumers without insurance coverage for their drugs, the price can be more than 70% off retail prices! GoodRx is free for both Apple and Android users and you do not need to register or sign up in order to use the app; simply type in the name of the drug in the search field to view the cost at various nearby pharmacies. You will also receive pertinent insights such as recommended uses, side effects, drug interactions and more. 

GoodRx Care, available online and via the GoodRx app provides professional and affordable online healthcare. Older adults in need of treatment for a range of primary care services – including short-term refills for over 1,000 medications, UTIs, erectile dysfunction, and more – can do so from the comfort of their own home with GoodRx Care. Most visits are $19 with a Gold membership, $49 without a membership. 

The bottom line

The rich features of healthcare apps allow people to monitor their health on a personal level and/or help caregivers stay organized and care better for their charges. 
There are many more healthcare apps available than those listed above, and new ones show up on the platforms daily. So, if you have a specific need, chances are an app is available for you that meets that need.
For example, you may want an app that focuses on diabetes management, cardiac issues, blood pressure, fitness or diet.  An overwhelming number of these healthcare apps are available, which is why recommendations are helpful. If you are researching apps on your own, know that some function better than others, so pay close attention to the reviews online. 
Do you have other healthcare apps you would like us to add to our list? Please leave the information in the comment section below – we would love to hear from you!
originally posted 11.18.2021
updated 2.22.2022

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