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Book Review: Blush by Jamie Brenner

by Ellen Blake

This month’s Book of the Month chosen by Andrea Peskind-Katz from Great Thoughts, Great Readers:

 Blush by Jamie Brenner

Blush, by Jamie Brenner, is a fun book to read at the beach, by the pool or with a glass or two of wine. It’s an easy read, though a long one at 384 pages. Brenner beautifully details the characteristics if each of the three generations of strong women and the men in their lives. The Hollander family wine business is the backdrop of the story with lush descriptions of the vineyard and wine making painted throughout. 

We find out early on that the family winery is in financial jeopardy, information withheld from the women until the patriarch of the family decides he has no choice but to sell. Devastated, the women desperately want to keep the business in the family, and believe they can do so. Unfortunately, the men do not take their efforts seriously. When long-hidden secrets surface, plans to sell the winery become unraveled.

The female characters bond over a book club focused on so-called “trashy” books from the 1980’s. These often underestimated novels by feminist authors such as Judith Krantz and Jackie Collins helped the women find their voices and gave them strength to fight for what was important to them. The concept of using a book group in the story is a creative and unique way to unite the grandmother, mother and daughter

Blush is an entertaining fiction novel chock full of drama, difficult relationships, long hidden secrets and some steamy romance. Heavier topics such as gender inequality and family dysfunction are also addressed. Those who want a “lighter read” with substance will greatly enjoy Blush by Jamie Brenner.

“Delicious, delightful, and smart.”

Jill Santopolo, New York Times bestselling author of The Light We Lost

About the author

 blush by jamie brennerJamie Brenner is the author of five novels, including The Forever Summer and The Wedding Sisters. She grew up in suburban Philadelphia on a steady diet of Jackie Collins and Judith Krantz novels, and later moved to New York City to live like the heroines of her favorite books. Jamie now divides her time between Philadelphia and Provincetown.

About Andrea Peskind Katz from GREAT THOUGHTS, GREAT READERS:
great thoughts, great readers
Andrea Peskind Katz runs Great Thoughts, Great Readers, a Book Salon presented via her private FB group where approximately 5000 prolific readers and authors interact. She also founded, a lifestyle website blog focusing on Great Books and Great Travel. To quote Robert Frost, she created her “second act” career to “unite my avocation and my vocation”. After 20 years in high pressure sales, Andrea retired to spend time doing what she loves best: hanging with her family, reading good books.

Each month, Andrea chooses a book for 50PlusToday that is either written by or for 50Plus individuals.

Blush by Jamie Brenner


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