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Gifts for Grandbabies: Our Favorite New Books For Toddlers

books for toddlers

We love these new books for toddlers! Check back often as we will add to the list regularly! (Click on the title or the book cover image to purchase on Amazon!)

I Like To Be Kind: Children’s Book About Kindness for Preschool by Aleks Harrison

An inspirational story about how good deeds bring joy and make us happy.

Max doesn’t understand why you need to help others, but the inspiring example of the father changes the boy’s idea of kindness. He decided to try to be kind, and guess what? He likes it! 

I Like To Be Kind is a fun and cheerful story that motivates little ones children to do good deeds. It grabs kids’ attention (recommended for age 3-6) with it’s short rhyming story and cute illustrations.  This colorful book shows children the amazing benefits of choosing kindness. 

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

The beloved, bestselling potty-training classic is now in hardcover for a new generation!  Taro Gomi’s classic, go-to picture book for straight-talk about poop is back, as fresh and funny as ever.

Elephants make big poops. And mice? They make tiny poops. Everyone eats, so of course: everyone poops! The concept of going to the bathroom is made concrete through this illustrated narrative that is both verbally and visually engaging.

Everyone Poops is just right for potty-training, gift-giving, and everyday reading with smart, curious readers.

Let’s Learn about Chemistry by Stephanie Ryan, Ph.D.

Let’s Learn About Chemistry, written by Dr. Stephanie Ryan, is designed to make chemistry accessible and captivate young readers. Dr. Ryan combines her unique perspective as a mom, educator and scientist to write about her passion for chemistry in a way kids can understand and enjoy. She presents basic scientific concepts using fun and interactive game play that little learners will love. With comparison games, the book, starts out slowly, then progresses to more complex ideas without overwhelming the learner with too many facts.

This book is perfect for those who want to introduce a young mind to an introduction to chemistry or STEM, but don’t know where to start.

Simple Activities For Toddlers: A Practical Play-At-Home Handbook For Parents by Lisa Forsythe

Looking for new innovative ideas to keep little ones amused while making learning fun?  Then this multi award winning book is for you! The activities in this book are not only educational, they also maximize the best use of your time, resources, and space. These play-based activities help your child thrive and get a head start in life. Note: All the activities have been ´toddler approved´ or field tested by Thomas!

Petri’s Next Things by Christy Cashman

Meet Petri, the adorable purple monkey who lives with his friends in Kilkea Castle, Ireland. This delightful book is a pure delight for children and critics agree it is a “must read”. In this book, which is part of a popular series, Petri rushes around trying to get everything done. Along the way, he learns an important lesson about being busy and discovers something his friends knew all along – that while having a list is a good idea, the real gift is being present and enjoying time together.

 Grow Your Oak by by Kennedy Reynolds, illustrated by Adam Grason 

Parents love reading this book to their toddlers to teach them about the importance of investing in their future and starting as early as possible. This beautifully written and adorably illustrated book will plant the seed that will inspire the next generation to create a better future for themselves. A must read!




When the kids are a little older, check out How the Moon Regained Her Shape by Janet Ruth Heller.

This wonderful little book teaches some important lessons. For example,

1) that children need to tell friends and adults when bullying occurs
2) that a bully’s insults are rarely true
3) that children will recover from abuse
4) that we can be friends with people who are different from us.


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