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Have You Had “The Conversation”?

the conversation project

by Leslie Farin "It's too early until it's too late" I recently attended a workshop called The Conversation Project. This grass roots initiative, founded by Pulitzer prize winning author Ellen Goodman, encourages people to communicate their end-of life-wishes. Driving to the event, I wasn't sure what to expect; perhaps a grim discussion

This is Not My Final Answer

not my final answer

Author: Suzette Audia, owner at The Hair Design Group in Plano Texas Often we need the encouragement of others to stay strong, move forward or even believe in ourselves….. For some reason the feeling is not the same when it comes from a loved one or family member. Brene Brown books Put several women

Mindful or Mind Full?

self-compassion, love, kindness

Mindful self-compassion is about self-kindness, not striving for self-improvement. Over time human evolution has given us freedom from the fear of being preyed upon by other animals. Unfortunately, our evolution hasn’t created a less-stressful, less-fearful life; it’s created a more stressful, more fearful life!  Now, we have ‘imaginary tigers’ in every

Mid-Aged and Still Swinging?

golf, golfer, 50plus, senior, retirement

50+ and still swinging? At Golf Balls, Yes! Notice how the old term “golf widow” is rarely heard anymore?   The most recent stats put women at twenty-five percent of all golfers in the USA.   It’s still only one-quarter of adult golfers, but it’s a growing statistic and here’s why we want

Midlife Liberation – It’s Time to Go for It

midlife, aging

Author:  Marlene Caraballo We spent our first twenty years growing up. Most of it we don’t even recall and much of what we experienced was not in our control. We spent the next twenty years traveling at light speed – marriage, kids, divorce, careers, pets, homes, disease – through more major life experiences

Less Mess Equals Less Stress

organize and declutter

Author:  Lisa Miller Chief Simplification Officer, Living Simply by Lisa Do you sometimes feel like you’re out of control?  Stressed?  Overwhelmed?  You are not alone. Whether you struggle with chronic or situational disorganization, there are many tools, processes and techniques available that work. The hardest part is getting started, just as it may