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Mindful or Mind Full?

self-compassion, love, kindness

Mindful self-compassion is about self-kindness, not striving for self-improvement. Over time human evolution has given us freedom from the fear of being preyed upon by other animals. Unfortunately, our evolution hasn’t created a less-stressful, less-fearful life; it’s created a more stressful, more fearful life!  Now, we have ‘imaginary tigers’ in every

Play Games for Better Health

bridge, card game

How this pastime can offer physical, social and emotional benefits When friends asked Lisa Ruderman, 52, of Livingston, N.J.,  if she wanted to learn how to play canasta, at first, she declined. She wasn’t sure she had the spare time or any interest in the card game, which is a form

New cholesterol guidelines offer a more personalized approach

cholesterol, heart disease, LDL, HDL, seniors

New cholesterol guidelines recommend a more personalized approach in risk assessments, a returned focus on LDL target levels and new drug options for those at highest risk for cardiovascular disease. The guidelines were announced Saturday during the American Heart Association's annual scientific conference. The recommendations, set out by the American Heart