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Who knows the original name of Memorial Day?

memorial day

Did you know Memorial Day wasn't always called Memorial Day? Americans honor the soldiers who gave their lives in military service each year on Memorial Day, observed each year on the last Monday in May. The original name for this solemn holiday was Declaration Day. General John Logan first declared this observance

Mother’s Day Got You Down?

mother's day

Author: Leslie Farin I have a confession to make – I am dreading Mother’s Day this year. I have marvelous memories of past Mother’s Day celebrations, but this time the holiday will be different. This year I am motherless. Both my mother and my mother-in-law, two of the most wonderful people

5 ways to have more energy this holiday season

holiday fatigue, low energy, holidays, tired

It’s not just the batteries that run down this time of year Is it only mid-December? Between the gifts, gatherings, and endless little tasks, you’re already exhausted. Nearly two-thirds of respondents to an American Psychological Association survey said they sometimes, or often, felt fatigued during the holidays, even though they found it to be