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Mindful or Mind Full?

self-compassion, love, kindness

Mindful self-compassion is about self-kindness, not striving for self-improvement. Over time human evolution has given us freedom from the fear of being preyed upon by other animals. Unfortunately, our evolution hasn’t created a less-stressful, less-fearful life; it’s created a more stressful, more fearful life!  Now, we have ‘imaginary tigers’ in every

Mid-Aged and Still Swinging?

golf, golfer, 50plus, senior, retirement

50+ and still swinging? At Golf Balls, Yes! Notice how the old term “golf widow” is rarely heard anymore?   The most recent stats put women at twenty-five percent of all golfers in the USA.   It’s still only one-quarter of adult golfers, but it’s a growing statistic and here’s why we want

To The People We Can Call Our Home

friends we call home, bff

Home. As we grow older, “home” starts to become people we invest our hearts in, rather than the four walls and roof we grew up under. Throughout our lifetime, we have come across many kinds of people who have come to mean many things to us. Some are people who have proven

Life After Fifty; The Judgement-Free Liberation Zone

liberation, judgement free

by Marlene Carabello Life after fifty definitely comes with some downers but over all, it’s time to celebrate moving into the judgement-free liberation zone! There’s something sort of magical that happens when we get past fifty. We start to gradually shed the pressure to be more. More successful, more popular, more fun, more accomplished, more perfect. We