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Must-Have Assistive Devices for Seniors


For many individuals with senior parents who live in their own homes, mobility and safety is a constant worry. Declining agility and unsteadiness can result in falls with devastating injuries for seniors, as well tasks that were previously simple, such as getting out of bed, dressing or performing personal hygiene, may become

4 Benefits of Technology to Share with Older Adults

seniors and technology

by Leslie Farin Technology has changed dramatically over the course of older adult's lifestimes. Rotary phones gave way to wireless versions in today's world. Tape recorders, telegrams and transistor radios are non-existent. This age group has witnessed so much; men landing on the moon, dramatic medical advances, and the rise of

Middle-Age Roommates: The New House Sharing Trend


Author: Leslie Farin Singles 50+ living together can provide unexpected financial and social benefits. I'm at the age where couples in my circle of friends are starting to become widowed or divorced. These events create lifestyle changes that are extremely difficult both emotionally and financially for many. What's the next step? Some of

I See the Signs, Now What?

caregiver, senior, senior living

By Peggy Papert, LCSW      What to do After Your Loved One Shows Signs of Needing More Care. It can be overwhelming knowing where to start when your loved one shows signs of decline and is in need of additional care. But more help is available than you might realize. Here

With the Nest Now Empty, What’s Next?


by Donna Leibow Licensed Real Estate Agent I work with many home buyers who are empty-nesters. The kids left home to live on their own, leaving them behind with emptier and quieter houses. What to do? Many people struggle with the many choices.   The questions I hear most often from clients include: Should

Every Towel Bar Should Be a Grab Bar!

Grab Bar

Many people treat their bathroom as a sanctuary. And why not? This room frequently serves as a spa-like retreat in which to enjoy time alone on a daily basis. Beautiful bathrooms are easily achieved with the wide range of products available these days, but can be costly. For that reason,

Do your homework before moving into a retirement community

living choices, active adult, 50+

Retirees hoping to spend their golden years in an idyllic retirement community should slow down before signing over their savings. Continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs, give retirees the opportunity to age in one location, moving from independent living to assisted living and eventually skilled nursing care. The arrangements are convenient and

House Hunting? Think ahead

Access for all

What is your priority when looking for a new home? Good schools? A modern kitchen? A backyard? How about abundant closet space? I want all those things too, but I need more. I want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in my home. Though many share this sentiment, I rarely hear people

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