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Every Towel Bar Should Be a Grab Bar!

Grab Bar

Author: Ellen Blake Many people treat their bathroom as a sanctuary. And why not? This room frequently serves as a spa-like retreat in which to enjoy time alone on a daily basis. Beautiful bathrooms are easily achieved with the wide range of products available these days, but can be costly. For

Do your homework before moving into a retirement community

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Retirees hoping to spend their golden years in an idyllic retirement community should slow down before signing over their savings. Continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs, give retirees the opportunity to age in one location, moving from independent living to assisted living and eventually skilled nursing care. The arrangements are convenient and

House Hunting? Think ahead

Access for all

What is your priority when looking for a new home? Good schools? A modern kitchen? A backyard? How about abundant closet space? I want all those things too, but I need more. I want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in my home. Though many share this sentiment, I rarely hear people

Aging in Place

Aging in Place

When I asked the other three members of my walking group, all of whom are in their mid to upper 70s, whether they had any concerns about future living arrangements, they each said they had none despite the fact that, like me, they live in multistory private homes without elevators

A 55 Plus Wake-Up Call

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As America counts down to the tipping point where the nation shifts from a young country to an old one, is housing ready or not?   The Census countdown to an American demographic inflection point has begun. For demographers, where patterns tend to play out over decades, this is high drama. For housing