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To The People We Can Call Our Home

friends we call home, bff

Home. As we grow older, “home” starts to become people we invest our hearts in, rather than the four walls and roof we grew up under. Throughout our lifetime, we have come across many kinds of people who have come to mean many things to us. Some are people who have proven

The Silver Lining in a Rainy Week at the Beach

Overthink, Cheers to Chapter 2

Author: Marlene Caraballo, founder  I’m just back from spending a rainy vacation week with my family in our camper at the beach and I have come away with a new mantra (and revelation!) that I’m hoping stays with me and speaks to you: Stop overthinking. At the beginning of the week I was

The Invisibility of Being Old, Disabled or Both

Old, disabled or both

An 82-year-old woman with post-polio syndrome feels erased from society When you’re an older person in a wheelchair or walking with a cane, people treat you differently. Sure, some might be quicker to open doors for you, but most of the behavioral reactions aren’t positive ones. The combination of being old

Less Mess Equals Less Stress

organize and declutter

Author:  Lisa Miller Chief Simplification Officer, Living Simply by Lisa Do you sometimes feel like you’re out of control?  Stressed?  Overwhelmed?  You are not alone. Whether you struggle with chronic or situational disorganization, there are many tools, processes and techniques available that work. The hardest part is getting started, just as it may

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