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A caregiver’s guide: Finance protection for those with Alzheimer’s

credit card protection

Keep your loved one's credit and identity safe with these tips Credit problems and identity issues can be difficult to guard against during the best of circumstances, but for someone with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease – a form of dementia that affects thinking, memory and behavior – preventing identity theft

How Job Hunters Can Look For Age-Friendly Employers

age friendly employers

How do you find age-friendly employers when you’re job hunting? Sadly, even in the current good economy, this question is as relevant as ever for people over 50 looking for work. As NPR's Ina Jaffe reported, a just-released study by David Neumark, an economics professor at the University of California, Irvine, and two

Women & Money


Silverman LeGate Advisory Group 214-469-0060 Some people still think of finances as a man’s world, but guess what? They are wrong. If you’re a woman who is not comfortable making important decisions about money, whether it’s because up until this point you’ve avoided doing so, or because your significant other controls the

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