6 Ways to Convince Aging Parents to Stop Driving

When your loved one refuses to stop driving



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  1. LFpublisher says:

    Good for you for being realistic about driving…Your dad’s story is not uncommon unfortunately – it”s very difficult for many to admit their reflexes may not be as sharp as in earlier years. Glad the insurance companies refused to insure him! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi. I’m an 83 yr old widow. I still drive but very seldom and only when absolutely necessary. I try to find someone to pick up necessities, if possible. However, my dad was not helpful at all when the time came for him to stop driving, nor was my four brothers when I asked for their help. In fact a police officer stopped him for speeding 70mph in a 50mph zone and just smiled when he saw the age of my father and suggested it would be safer for him and others if he would just slow down. What finally did the trick: Every so often my father would have a minor fender bender type accident with his car and the insurance companies just refused to insure him anymore. Thank God he was a religious law abider!

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