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12 Ways to Cultivate a “Can Do” Mindset

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by Debi Talbert


Now that I’ve accumulated enough seniority as a Flight Attendant, my Second Act Career, I have Sunday’s off. This day off gives me time to work on my Third Act Career as a Life and Wellness Coach helping people to drink less.

Sunday morning inspiration

My husband and I love to watch the show “Sunday Morning”. A recent guest, the creator of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods shared his story which began after reading a book about a man who bought and rebuilt an abandoned mill. Without any mill experience whatsoever, Bob, in mid-life, decided to find an old mill to restore. Thus, Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods was born in 1978. Today Bob is in his 90s and still works every day in his mill.

What stops us from following our dreams?

Sometimes we, including myself, tend to hold back from living our best life. We focus on our limitations, often because of thoughts and beliefs we subconsciously hold in the back of our minds. We tell ourselves we are too old, technology is difficult, we don’t have time, etc. When we think this way, we stop ourselves us from even trying. Are these thoughts and beliefs true? I think not. Regardless of age or experience, we can learn new skills. The key is to change our negative mindset to one which makes us aware that growth and transformation are possible in our fifties and beyond.


It’s important to shift your focus from your limitations to your potential. Instead of thinking, “I’ll never be able to do that,” change your mindset to consider the possibilities. Become curious about your current way of thinking to get a clear picture of how it impacts your life.

  1. Write down your negative thoughts to get them out of your head and explore them further

  2. Ask yourself how you feel when you think this way

  3. Determine if the limitations you wrote down are actually true

  4. Envision the result if the opposite were true

  5. Decide if you want to continue to believe these limitations or challenge them

  6. Identify your strengths; write them down

  7. Ask a trusted friend what they believe are your positive qualities; sometimes others can see things in ourselves that we do not

  8. Take on new challenges: set weekly goals

  9. Evaluate your weekly changes and celebrate successes

  10. Do not compare yourself to others; compete only with yourself; monitor improvements and changes

  11. Find people who inspire you – in person or online – let their success motivate you to move forward

  12. Embrace failure. Consider it research for future success

 The Bottom Line

Most of us find it easier to identify our weaknesses than our strengths. However, each and every one of us possesses talents, skills, and positive personality traits. Get in touch with yours. Know failure is part of the process; learn from it to promote future success. Confidence and growth result from accomplishments. Seek out individuals who began new careers later in life such as Bob from Bob Mills Natural Foods. Pay attention to the ways in which your thought process begins to change and to the experiences you become open to having. Enjoy the process as you cultivate your “can-do” mindset.


Debi Talbert

Debi Talbert

Debi Talbert is a Certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School and This Naked Mind Institute. She coaches the 50 plus individual who is exhausted trying to figure out how to end their dysfunctional relationship with alcohol. She helps people who struggle to stop drinking, but do not accept the labels of “alcoholic” or “powerless”.

Debi knows at a deeply personal level that Life Coaching is transformative. She helps clients rebuild their trust in themselves and change their beliefs about life. She is the creator of Exit The Drinking Life podcast and offers online programs which include training videos and weekly live coaching sessions.In addition, she offers a monthly membership to teach you to coach yourself, teach you how to feel better, teach you to take massive action and flourish in life beyond alcohol. Find information about programs and resources at



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