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Detoxify and Upgrade Your Home, Mind and Body

cellular inflammation
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by Leslie Farin

Upgrade your life starting from the inside out

Women our age complain often of various health issues. Some of the more common complaints include hypothyroidism, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), weight gain, joint pain, headaches and difficulty sleeping. Do you sometimes feel that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to feel better, sleep better or lose weight? Tammy Stewart, CHC, founder of Health for a Purposewants you to know it’s not in your head, and it’s not just due to aging. According to her, you likely have cellular toxicity, a common condition that’s linked to all these health challenges and more. And when you heal the cell, your body can heal.

Through Health for a Purpose, Tammy offers detoxification and healing protocols for people customized for their specific situation. She started in 2008 with a practice catering to individuals unable to heal themselves with other natural therapies that did not include the cellular toxicity piece. Fast forward a few years; in an effort to share her experience and training about disease and chronic conditions she believes are tied to cellular inflammation, she created her online group coaching program, the Forever Young Academy (FYA).

The Forever Young Academy (FYA)

Tammy designed this step-by-step group coaching program to help you obtain that “forever young” feeling and a life of vitality based on the newest health science. Created for people interested in natural solutions, longevity and preventive health, the FYA provides an opportunity to draw inspiration and encouragement from a community of like-minded people. Tammy’s coaching helps you stay on track with health, nutrition and fitness goals, and she holds a live health call each month to discuss your progress. In addition, the program includes guest speakers, recommended supplements, recipes and live instruction for exercise, breath work and meditation. Both the coaching and the community aspects of the FYA  are essential for success. The coursework is detailed and informative, but as per Tammy,

“The knowledge becomes power only when you USE it”.

That’s where the support of the community becomes invaluable. Whether you choose to meet online for the meetings or prefer to participate in the private Facebook group, there’s wisdom in the group. The success and failures of others helps you make lifestyle changes and stick to them. This program is not a diet or a trend; rather, it is a new and healthier lifestyle.

What’s Cellular Healing?

I was not familiar with the term “cellular healing” before I met Tammy. She explained she is one of a small group of health practitioners in the United States who study and work as experts helping people detoxify their cells and upgrade their home, mind and body. She teaches how to remove toxins from our everyday environment and eliminate cellular inflammation.

Tammy shared with me her reason for becoming a cellular healing specialist. Initially, her motivation was to heal both her own and her family’s neurotoxic illnesses. Based on the latest science, Tammy advocates we can heal our cells using natural, multi-therapeutic strategies that eliminate cellular inflammation and toxicity in our bodies. Once she and her family were healthy, she expanded her practice to help others make positive lifestyle changes to improve their own cellular function. It’s clear Tammy is passionate about helping others make lifestyle changes to achieve optimum health.

One step at a time to eliminate cellular inflammation

I sat in on one of the on-line group coaching sessions and found the depth of information that Tammy discussed impressive. She has the ability to present complex and somewhat overwhelming concepts in an easy to understand way. In her words, “How do you eat an elephant? Once bite at a time”.

During the session, I noticed the participants clearly felt “safe” and not afraid to share sensitive issues that exposed vulnerabilities. Part of that feeling of comfort was due to the respectful attitude of the participants, but I give much of the credit to Tammy. She is open, authentic and perhaps most importantly, non-judgemental. She understands everyone progresses at different rates, and meets people “where they are” in their journey to rid their bodies of cellular inflammation.

Walking the walk

It is important to note that Tammy integrates the lifestyle changes she recommends into her own life. She does not expect you to do anything she does not do herself. She therefore is well qualified to share personal insights about how she overcame challenges others in the group currently face.

The program is not mainstream. In fact, some of Tammy’s recommendations seem counterintuitive as they conflict with health information I heard throughout my life. Hearing stories from the group about how these lifestyle changes positively impacted their health provides excellent motivation to keep going.


Optimum health is not necessarily expensive

We all have a limited amount of money to spend and want to budget wisely. I get it. Especially since most of us tightened our belts and spent less on non-essentials during lockdown for a variety of reasons. Here are my thoughts: I don’t really consider self-care to be a luxury anymore.  When I am emotionally and physically healthy, I am more likely my best self, and more present and helpful for loved ones. Many women, including myself, tend to take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves. One of my resolutions for 2021 is to prioritize self-care so I can be the mother, daughter, wife, sister and friend I want to be. As they say, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”.

That being said, the Forever Young Academy (FYA) program costs under $40/month, less than the cost of a nice dinner. Better yet, the first month is free to encourage you to try it out before you commit. There’s a third option as well for those not ready to take on the journey right now, but want to learn more: The FYA offers mini-courses on topics such as immune health, ketogenic diet and fasting, hormone health and essential oils for under $10 each. 

As organic, fresh and specialty health food items are sometimes expensive, I asked Tammy if participants hesitate to purchase the recommended foods. Her answer was interesting. She said;

Think about it – when your body is well-nourished you tend to eat less food. The individual items you purchase may cost more, but when you eat more healthfully, you cook more and eat out less, and also tend to purchase fewer convenience items and unhealthy snack foods. It’s really not more expensive to eat a healthy diet. You can pay the farmer now, or pay medical expenses later.”

That’s probably true. I never thought about it that way.

The bottom line

Our health is our greatest asset and best investment. In order to live a long and healthy life, we need to work to change those things we can control. Not all at once, but rather in small sustainable steps.

Cellular healing is not for everyone. However, if you are curious and think you might want to give it a try, go with a practitioner you trust and continue to work in conjunction with your physician.


Tammy Stewart, CHCTammy Stewart, Founder, Health for a Purpose and Forever Young Academy
Tammy is a Certified Cellular Detoxification and Health Practitioner. She passionately delivers customized detoxification and healing protocols serving the Dallas/Fort Worth community and others across the world (virtually).  Having overcome her own and her family’s neurotoxic illnesses using the latest unique multi-therapeutic strategies that help heal the cell, Tammy believes that all of us have control over our own health if the body is functioning at its optimum level.

Contact Tammy for a free consultation at 817-488-7488 or via email




DISCLOSURE: This article is not intended as medical advice. It’s essential to talk  with your doctor before starting a non-traditional treatment plan (or implementing any new lifestyle change). Do not use the Forever Young Academy guidelines in place of medical treatment. Work with your physician as you make lifestyle changes so your medications or treatment can be modified as appropriate.





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