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5 Affordable Must-Have Gadgets That Make Life Easier As We Age

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We all need help sometimes. Whether we have an injury that creates temporary problems or simply find some things more difficult as as we age, these innovative gadgets are great to have around the house. They solve problems we might not realize we even had! Why struggle when you don’t need to?

Gadgets that Make Life Easier 

Farberware Hands-Free Automatic Can Opener


We get it – a can opener may not seem exciting, but for those with arthritic hands or shoulder problems, this compact little gadget is such a great thing to have! It opens any size can and stores easily . The technology allows for seamless open to decrease the hazards of dangerous sharp edges that can be a problem with other can openers. Easy to clean with a wet towel, it makes life easier for seniors – or anyone!

Grabber Reacher Tool with 180° Angled Arm, 90° Rotating Head and Magnetic Tips

This fabulous little gadget is great for all of us, and not just as we age. It’s ideal to pick up everyday objects around the house, items that roll under the car and wet clothes from the bottom of the washing machine which I can’t reach. For those with mobility issues, it’s particularly wonderful. Easy to use, you can adjust this grabber reacher tool to work at different angles – and you can quickly change the angle to pick up objects in corners or in high positions. It even has a built-in magnet to pick up small metal objects like pins, needles and keys. It’s foldable and compact, making it easy to transport and store.  Don’t wait to buy this one – you will wonder how you got along without it once you have it in the house!

Rechargeable Full Page Magnifier, Ultra Bright 12 LEDs Handheld Magnifying Glass

My eyesight became increasingly worse after I passed age 45, despite the laser surgery I had when I turned 30. I have reading glasses, but this full page magnifier  with 12 LED’s (6 warm white and 6 cool white) is better. It provides an evenly lit viewing area with no glare, and brightness can be adjusted just by holding the button. Lightweight and ultra thin, it’s a good design for comfort for most hands. The lens storage bag makes it easily portable and it recharges easily with any USB port. 

Dressing Aid Pocket Dresser to Help with Button Hooks, Zipper Pulls and Shoelaces

This all in one dressing tool with a quick-release hand strap makes getting dressed easier. The pocket clip folds neatly away when not in use. Those of us with rheumatoid arthritis or bursitis understand that most of the time we feel the way others might if they were to zip and button their pants wearing mittens. This great little gadget opened up all kinds of doors for me. I now have the option to wear jeans and shirts with buttons instead of pullovers and sweats. Love it! Features a) large hook for pants buttons b) small hook for midsize shirt buttons c)zipper/shoelace pick for pulling up zippers and untying shoes or releasing knots and d)closed loop for delicate materials with small buttons.

6 Speed Cordless Handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Massager


This massage gun is a game changer for muscle aches. I use it for upper back and shoulder soreness that I get from sitting in front of my computer all day. I also used it in conjunction with physical therapy to help heal from a leg issue. I use it, that is, when the rest of my family lets me – my adult children use it for muscle recovery after workouts. This product is priced much lower than the professional models, but does a great job at home. It has 6 speeds for deep massage, rechargeable battery, detachable massage head and is very quiet. This is a great gadget to have in the house for everyone!

Easy Up Standing Aid, Mobility Aid, Assist Handle for Couch, Chair, Sofa

Had to add one more…I know this one makes 6…I bought this durable stainless steel item for my younger brother to help him stand up from the bed, sofa or armchair after his hip replacement at age 50. When he no longer needed it, he gave it to my 90 year old dad, who really benefits from it. The handles provide an anti-slip grip and it folds flat for travel and storage. Lightweight and easy to use for any age for people with temporary or permanent mobility issues.

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