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Why Wait Until January to Start to Exercise? New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Stick

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by Leslie Farin


Why wait until January?

A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions to start a diet or exercise program. Why wait? Why not start now and make new habits a part of your everyday?

Resolutions do not seem to stick for most people. Some of the reasons include:

Setting unrealistic goals
Not creating a plan of action
Going it alone with no accountability
Giving up easily when frustrated

Doesn’t it make more sense to begin a reasonable program now? Then starting a new plan in January does not seem like such a drastic change to your routine.

Exercise for Beginners: Healthy made easy

Question: Why does obtaining good health have to be complicated?

Answer: “It doesn’t”, says Clint Fuqua from Olympic Fit in Plano, Texas.

Clint helps people get healthier with his nationally syndicated TV program,  “The Health Engineer”, and now also has a boutique fitness facility in the  IV Hook-Up clinic.

His goal is to help individuals of all ages and fitness levels obtain optimal health, whatever that looks like for the specific individual. He offers custom workouts in a small, intimate private setting, and strives to make sure everyone feel comfortable. It’s all the benefits of a personal trainer, without going to a crowded gym and paying exorbitant fees.

I particularly like that Clint meets people “where they are”. In other words, some people may need to focus initially on breathing techniques, while others already have an exercise routine and want to up their game. Whatever the situation, Clint’s coaching style focuses on providing programs for 50Plus individuals that are simpler and better than they may find elsewhere. His mantra is “Healthy Made Easy”. The best part? You can try out a class or two for free before starting a program to ensure it’s a good fit. 

Twelve participants, 12 motions, 12 weeks

One of Clint’s programs is cleverly called “THE12”. Twelve participants, twelve motions, 12 weeks (two 30 minute classes each week). The people in the group dictate how strenuous the exercise program proceeds from week to week.

There are those who simply want to get in and out of bed or carry groceries without pain, something most of us take for granted. Others may have had a cardiac episode and now want to prepare to pass the next stress test. Clint has experience with these types of situations and understands the importance of working with people on an individual level.

I like the holistic perspective Clint employs in his gym. This program includes one nutrition IV or two shots, depending on the needs of the individual. He also offers the services of a registered dietitian, Russ Powell, for an additional fee for people interested in taking their health regimen to the next level.

Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Additionally, the IV Hook-up facility houses an infrared sauna, further evidence of their holistic approach. If you are not familiar with this type of sauna, basically it utilizes invisible red light to heat your body directly with or without warming the air around you. In contrast, a traditional sauna uses only heat to warm the air, which in turn warms your body. For that reason, infrared saunas are better for people who cannot tolerate the heat of a conventional sauna. As per WebMD, infrared saunas may be good for your heart and help with pain and stress management.

The bottom line

It’s best to work with a trained professional when you start any new health regimen and do so with your doctor’s approval. Find a knowledgeable coach to help set realistic, appropriate and measurable goals. Make sure it’s someone who holds you accountable and motivates you when you feel like giving up. The program should be specific to your situation, and in a location where you feel comfortable. 

The most important thing to remember is that an investment in time and money is essential to live your best life as long as you can. So do yourself a favor, and start today, before the holidays, and don’t wait until January.


About Clint Fuqua

clint fuquaClint Fuqua “The Health Engineer” is a highly sought after Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer in North Dallas. He has specialized training in the areas of corporate wellness, personalized nutrition, and exercise biomechanics with over two decades of wellness industry experience. He has been an executive and formulation specialist for a nutritional supplement company, Personal Training Certification Instructor, and the Strength and Conditioning Director for the Dallas Heroes Basketball Academy.

Clint has created programs for athletes, small businesses, and many people just like you, wanting to improve their health. He previously hosted the nationally syndicated “Personal Health Care Reform” Talk Show and now hosts “The Health Engineer Show” on Mondays at 10am and 7pm (central time)  In addition, Clint has published several books, written for multiple publications, and works with private clients to help everyone learn the best ways to get and stay independently healthy for life.


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DISCLOSURE: This article is not intended as medical advice. Please visit your doctor with your concerns and questions.



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