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8 Best Unique and Healthy Edible Gifts for Your Favorite Foodie

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Need creative food related gift ideas?

It’s no secret that trying to come up with great ideas for holiday gifts can take the sparkle out of the festive season. What do you send a dear friend who has everything and wants nothing? Or clients who you probably don’t know as well as you do your family and friends?  I used to send fancy gourmet chocolates, but people are much more health conscious these days. I still like to send food gifts if I have no ideas for a personal gift they might want or need, but the usual fruit baskets don’t work for me. Sometimes the fruit is not great or they are just plain boring. I work hard to find creative food gifts that are different and a little more special than the usual fare.

The selections below are tried and true favorites chosen carefully to include on this list. I personally sent each of these to a friend or family member this past year so I have first-hand knowledge of their quality and presentation. All are great not only for the holidays, but for any occasion!

8 Fabulous Food Gifts for Your Favorite Foodie

Healthy Gourmet Dried Fruit Gift Basket Tray (Turns into Basket)


This dried fruit gift tray is perfect for sympathy, get well wishes, thank you, holidays and birthdays – everyone loves it! With delicious dried fruit presented beautifully, It’s not your basic fruit basket. The gift tray holds a variety of exotic mango slices, mediteranean apricots, California yellow peaches, pears, apple wedges, kiwi, plums and prunes and comes on a fabulous foldable wooden fruit bowl!  Star-K Kosher, vegan, halal, dairy and gluten free.

Gourmet Nut Gift Basket Assortment


More than one pound of delicious nuts! This large assortment features 7 different sweet, roasted and salted high quality nuts picked and prepared at the peak of freshness. Whole almonds, whole cashews, in-shell pistachios are beautifully packaged in a gorgeous gift box with decorative ribbon and a bow. This gift is perfect for Thanksgiving, sympathy, birthday, holiday and corporate gifts. Certified Kosher.

Park Lane Pantry Granola

park lane pantry granola

$36/Fabulous Four Pack (with 50Plus10% coupon code)

I am absolutely obsessed with this unique, fresh and delicious granola! Park Lane Pantry is all about quality and great taste. It is slow toasted and double baked in small batches, and made with premium ingredients. Currently there are four flavors; Elaine’s Original, Dark Chocolate Crunch, Almond Cranberry and Orange Cranberry.

Each one is vegan, soy free, dairy free, gluten free, keto friendly and GMO free. For those with a nut allergy, the Orange Cranberry flavor is nut free. It’s sweetened with monk fruit, which is a new low-calorie superstar sweetener with no negative side effects. I’ve sent this granola to friends as a gift; they don’t immediately understand why it is special when they first open the carefully packed refrigerated bundle – but it is. Once you try it, you won’t go back to other granola brands. Read our review


 Premium Snacks Gift Basket – Gluten free and Vegan

$39.97/20 count

Fun and unique snacking experience! This box of 20 delicious snacks was carefully crafted to encourage healthy snacking. All contain simple, clean ingredients. This thoughtful gift arrives in a beautifully designed box with your custom gift note. Perfect for both kids and adults, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. Treat your loved one to the highest quality creative snack box with treats from some of the most trusted healthy brands!

Gourmet Pasta Gift Basket – Made in Italy 


Find all the basic ingredients for a healthy Mediterranean diet in this wonderfully presented gift basket! All items are vegeterian, keto, non-GMO and free from additives and preservatives. Every food item in the gift is carefully selected from artisan producers in Italy. Ready to be delivered in beautiful gift packaging. This one is perfect to send to family and friends who love to cook.

The Original Popco Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper


This top quality food-grade silicone microwave popcorn popper bowl with lid and handles is a fabulous gift for the popcorn lover in your life!  Popcorn kernals are much less expensive and healthier than microwave packs, so this gift is one that will be appreciated for more than the quick and tasty popcorn it makes. Uniquely designed to spread heat evenly- so you get delicious popcorn with very few, if any, unpopped kernals! This little gadget makes terrific popcorn with little to no oil. It is easy to clean and to store (due to its space saving collapsible design). Toxin free and made of highly durable, heat resistant, BPA and PVC free silicone, everyone loves this simple microwave popper. Simply pour kernals to the bowl, add salt and flavorings to your taste and put it in the microwave. The big-size bowl holds up to 15 cups of popcorn. Available in a wide variety of colors. Don’t forget the popcorn! We recommend
Amish Country Popcorn !


 Kernel Season’s Complete Seasoning Kit

So maybe you bought your friend a microwave popcorn maker last year. How about a variety pack of all 12 flavors of popcorn seasoning from Kernel Season this year? Popcorn lovers are crazy about these seasonings. The 12 pack includes nacho cheddar, garlic parmesan, 2 butters, cheesy jalapeno, ranch, kettle corn, caramel corn, cheesy caramel corn, white cheddar, bacon cheddar and popcorn salt. All natural and no MSG! Certified Kosher.

Price varies depending on the number of meals purchased. Please use our coupon code “50PlusToday” for 20% off!

Eat Fit Go provides fresh chef-inspired meals delivered right to your home. Restaurant quality, these meals are quick, easy and delicious! Perfect for the person who wants to eat healthfully, but doesn’t take the time to prepare meals. Sending pre-made meals is particularly helpful for your favorite senior who just doesn’t have the energy to cook for themselves. Eat Fit Go meals come in a wide variety of interesting meals and snacks to meet your specific needs. Have food allergies or special needs? No problem. You can search for meals based on exactly what you want. These wonderful pre-made meals come in dairy free, gluten free, plant based, low carb and soy free options and provide nutrition information on the website with the description of the meal. Simply heat in microwave and enjoy. Available in packs of 5 meals or by subscription. Or, you can purchase a gift card so your recipient can choose their own meals from the many available. Read our review.

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