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10 Creative Mother’s Day Gifts for 90 Year Old Women Who Already Have Everything

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Looking for Mother’s Day gifts for 90 year old women who hasve everything?

My nana already seems to have everything she wants and needs. That’s what she tells me anyway. She is trying to get rid of stuff at this point. What to do to celebrate? You need to think outside the box. Here are some unique recommendations from our 50Plus-Today readers.


Below is a list of creative gift ideas for 90 year old women that are very well received. These presents, vetted by folks in our 50Plus community, make life easier, safer and/or more fun – and not just get in the way.

Family Tree Picture Frames with 10 Hanging Photo Frames

A gift of family is a wonderful idea for a gift to give an older woman for her birthday. You can’t go wrong when you select a present that speaks of  love and connection like this Family Tree. A beautiful decoration by itself, this sentimental family tree with photo frames in its branches houses photos of beloved family members. 


3 Months of Farm Fresh Freshly Cut Mixed Flowers

This is one of our most popular gift suggestions! Fresh flowers are always a day brightener! And it doesn’t matter whether the recipient is a woman or a man. Both men and women appreciate this three (3) month subscription for beautiful flowers. Twenty-five (25) seasonal and vase ready flowers provide a joyful beauty in your loved one’s home they will truly enjoy for as long as they bloom.

 Ovidis Pretty Open Back Nightgown by Ovidis

We love this gift for so many reasons! Your elderly loved one will feel good when she wears this attractive nightgown that easily passes for a comfortable dress! The open back features a full overlap that provides complete comfort and discretion to make it easy to use the restroom making this garment. It is an especially great choice for seniors with a disability! Snap closures placed on the shoulders serve to avoid pressure points that can cause pain when sitting or reclining. Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, this nightgown is a soft and comfortable knit with 4 way stretch. Machine wash and dry.

 Lovepop Flower Basket Pop Up Card

This 3D Lovepop Card puts a smile on everyone’s face! Show your inside love for your dear ones, whether it’s your wife, mom, aunt, or sister. This unique greeting card opens with a basket full of vibrant flowers, greenery and butterflies, and comes with a blank envelope, the Lovepop note and a small note card to write your message that tucks away in the design. Perfect for any occasion!


Large Screen Digital Clock Makes it Easy to Read Time, Day and Date  

It becomes difficult to keep track of days, dates and times as we age, especially for those who don’t keep busy or have a routine. This digital clock with its large display helps keep track of medications and medical appointments easily. It is an ideal gift  because it has an easy to read face that clearly spells out the time, the day, the date and whether it’s morning or night. This clock is particular beneficial for those with dementia or macular degeneration. With lots of frame options available, you can easily choose one match the decor.

Uttermara Sherpa Fleece Reversible Weighted Blanket with Soft Plush Flannel

Sleep gets more elusive as we age – Ask anyone over age 50! The reason? It may be due to aching muscles or restless legs. Or, sometimes older adults simply like the comfort, warmth and weight from extra blankets on their bed. Whatever the issue, this cozy weighted blanket could be the perfect solution! Weighted blankets help relax the nervous system, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety, to make it easier to fall asleep. Wash this minky soft blanket in the gentle cycle.

100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets- 1000 Thread Count -Hotel Quality 

These fabulous 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set provide luxurious and flawless hotel quality comfort!  Available in many choices of styles and colors, your elderly loved one will love these eco-friendly sheets that retain softness for a lifetime and resist fading. These sheets have deep pockets that fit up to an 18 inch mattress. Each bed linen is individually stitched to perfection. This is a gift that she won’t likely buy for herself, but will thank you quietly every morning when she wakes up from a good night’s sleep

Portable Duxtop 1800W Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

If your loved on still likes to cook, you may worry she might burn herself. This induction stove from Secura plugs into any outlet and sits on the countertop. The great thing about induction cooking is that it uses technology that not only heats up quickly, but allows the pan and food to heat up while the burner stays cool. An added bonus is it’s easy to clean. Keep in mind she will need some  induction compatible cookware to use with the new burner. Coordinate with other family members to get the complete package!

Brain Games – Sudoku Large Print

This great book of brain games helps with concentration, focus and attention to detail. As a result, these easy large print suduko puzzles will help keep the brain sharp. If your elderly loved one suffers from memory loss, anxiety or cognitive decline, these puzzles also help them avoid deteriorating further. This book comes with instructions and the difficulty of the puzzles cater to the capabilities of older adults to avoid frustrating them. Great gift for 90 year old women!


Wearable Sherpa Fleece Oversized TV-Blanket

Keep your loved one warm all winter with the NapCure Oversized Sweatshirt Hoodie Blanket! She can curling up on the sofa on a lazy Winter’s night while watching TV, reading, or napping. The detailed and thoughtful design offers comfortable senses of softness made with fleece on one side and sherpa material on the other. The end of the sleeves have a flexible cuff so she can secure the sleeve in place to use her hands. And a kangeroo pocket in the front where she can store a water bottle, snack, or mobile phone!.


Do you have other ideas for gifts for 90 year old women? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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