Kid/Grandkid Gifts: 12 “Can’t Go Wrong Gifts” for Teens

The world changes so quickly these days, as does technology. New products go in and out of style practically before you know they are a “thing”. If you’re stressed about what to buy for a special young adult, perhaps our curated list below of non-gender-specific gifts will offer some unique ideas for gifts for teens!

Fabulous Gifts for Teens

After talking to a bunch of teens aged 13-16, we came up with this list of great gifts for teens. See which might work for your special teen!

Luxury NFL Throw Blankets 

Your favorite sports fan will absolutely love this NFL luxury throw blanket! Denali micro plush premium NFL blankets are the perfect way to get wrapped up this season while watching the game! These blankets are soft, warm and allow fans to represent their team with pride. These incredibly soft, high-quality blankets make a great addition to a bedroom or den, and are great to bring to the game on a chilly day!  Machine washable and constructed with true colors that don’t bleed. Not only that the vibrant colors won’t fad over time. Use the promo code DECEMBER when you place your order to save 25%.

Spikeball Game Set (3 Ball Kit) Game – As Seen on Shark Tank! 


This four-player action game is fun, active, and competitive! Spikeball has become an obsession for many on tailgates, the lawn, yard, backyard, beach, gym, and college campuses! The rules are kind of like volleyball and you can play anywhere, even in your living room! Foldable legs make the game tough as they can take the abuse caused by errant dives and fall that happen sometimes – and, even better, the foldable legs make the game easy to store. A great fun gift for teens, but adults love it too!

Liddle Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker with Bluetooth 5.0 Chip for Sound Quality 

This portable, water-resistant, and dustproof Liddle speaker is one of our favorite new gifts to buy young adults this year! Easy to bring with you anywhere, it comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip for amazing sound quality and a built-in magnetic interface that allows you to attach the speaker anywhere! Attach it to your phone, refrigerator, or any other magnetic surface, or use the included self-adhesive metal rings to attach it to your car dashboard or anywhere else. Use two in a room for surround sound. It’s hard to believe a speaker this small would produce such great sound, but it does!

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple Airpods continue to be very popular for all ages, especially the Airpod pros. Setup is easy for all your Apple devices, and they automatically turn on and connect. Fast wireless connection, quick access to Siri, and seamless switching between devices are just a few of the things people love about these AirPods. Active noise cancellation blocks outside noise and adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to your ears. These AirPods come with three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a customizable fit. Not only that, but they are also sweat and water-resistant! Your millennial (or you) can comfortably listen and talk all day. Be the “coolest” parent or grandparent in town when you buy these as a gift!

EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector for Laptop, Anti-UV Eye Protection

Give your favorite teen the gift of eye health and better sleep! EyeJust’s blue light-blocking screen protectors are a practical and affordable gift for anyone who spends too much time looking at screens (so basically everyone)!  With blue light-blocking technology is embedded directly into the screen to protect eyes, sleep, and skin from the negative effects of blue light overexposure. The clear screen protection goes on easily and is available for most screen sizes. This particular one is for a 13-inch laptop screen. Ophthalmologist approved.

Blinks by Move38 – Blinks Game System (9 Game Starter Set)

We love this game because it’s one the whole family LOVES!  Blinks is the world’s first smart tabletop game system – built with AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered game pieces that respond to your touch, communicate with each other, and think for themselves. Every piece knows its own game and can learn new games! Blinks are modular and completely portable, crazy, fun, silly, and at times thought-provoking! The RGB LED magnetic game pieces that feel like a game from the future. The best part, NO SCREENS! 

Fisher Backpacker Space Pen


What a fun gift for a young adult!  Each Fisher Space Pen is precision assembled, hand tested, and carries a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing defects. It writes underwater, upside down, at any angle, and over grease! It also writes in extreme temperatures (-30 Degrees to 205 Degrees) and lasts three times longer than the average pen! The Fisher Backpack Space Pen comes in a variety of vibrant colors and is made of Anodized Aerospace-Grade 6061-T6 Billet Aluminium! It features a key ring cap and black finger grip & trim. The internal pressurized refill has a 100-year shelf life. It arrives in a box ready for gifting!

 Pun Intended – It’s All Pun and Games – Perfect Game for Pun Lovers

Pun Intended is for pun-loving people everywhere!  Everybody knows somebody who loves puns and they think they are so very punny. They’re like German sausages – the wurst! But look, some people like puns, and other people like pickles, so just dill with it (haha)!  Punny jokes are often called “Dad jokes”, at least in our family. This is a perfect game for family game nite, and you will hear lots of laughs and groans from all! The puns are silly, witty, and clever, but sometimes downright painful. The box includes 1332 puns on 222 cards, a scorepad, a pencil, a 1-minute timer, and rules. The game is quick-paced and even experienced punsters will wince, groan, and cringe while playing. We’ll leave you with one of our favorite puns…When the nut left a recent party it said, “Cashew on the flip side”.

Canon Ivy CLIQ+ Instant Camera Printer, Mobile Photo Printer Via Bluetooth(R),

This compact & pocketable camera is the perfect travel companion and is all about FUN! All you do is shoot, print, stick. Just snap the photo and watch it print out in an instant. With a peel-and-stick backing, the 2 x 3-inch pictures can immediately decorate a locker, laptop case, or anything else! It’s a big hit with young adults and their friends, especially using the reprint function to print extras for all involved. But wait, there’s more! It’s mobile-friendly. Download the Canon Mini Print App on your smartphone to personalize the photos with stickers, frames, filters, and emoticons. Last, but not least, each peel-and-stick photo is printed using Zero Ink printing technology, which means no ink is required! The selfie ring light is a really fun feature as well as it ensures photos come out in full brightness. Note: This is a FUN gift – it’s not supposed to be a high-quality technology! Keep that in mind.  Kids love having a printer in their pocket to take with them on the go.

Oakley Crankshaft Polarized Sunglasses

These Oakleys are for the Tom Cruise types… and what kid doesn’t love cool shades? These glasses are high quality, durable and look great! They may be a bit more expensive than off-brands, but you will appreciate them every time you wear them and experience the superior lens quality and superior fit. 

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box – Award-Winning Extraordinary 3D Fidget Cube

The patented, award-winning Shashibo fidget box features 36 rare earth magnets for an innovative design that transforms into over 70 shapes. Not only does it fit comfortably in your hand for hours of mind-challenging fun, this magic cube stimulates the senses with unlimited creative possibility! Nothing compares to the quality & unique design of the Shashibo, durably constructed of premium injection-mold plastic, 36 rare earth magnets, and a tear-proof, matte, or high-gloss surface. Each magnetic puzzle features 4 unique, artistic patterns of vibrant, mesmerizing artwork, for an ever-changing array of beauty at your fingertips. This puzzle is like no other!

Cameo Personalized Message

Here’s an extra gift idea for the particularly difficult to buy for teen!  Cameo is a digital service where you can hire a celebrity of your choice, from actors and athletes to artists and social media influencers to record a short personalized video for your teen. They may even agree to hop on a one-on-one video call!  Thousands of celebrities are available on the service, including Disney star Milo Manheim, singer Mya, and the Cincinnati Zoo’s Fiona the Hippo. The cost ranges from about $10 to hundreds of dollars (and higher).  The video can be as silly or serious as you want it to be. After you choose your celebrity, you provide details about your teen (or whoever – this is a great gift for any age!) so the video can be specifically customized for the recipient to make it special. The video message, delivered within seven days (you’re not charged if it falls through),  can be viewed on the Cameo app or downloaded to save forever. If you’re looking for something unique and fabulous for a special young adult, cameo videos make a great gift! LEARN MORE ABOUT CAMEO PERSONALIZED MESSAGES.

Have other ideas for a great gift for a teen? Please share in the comment section below – we would love to hear from you!

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