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Creative Gift Giving…Have a Scavenger Hunt!

holiday scavenger hunt

by Ellen Blake


I always loved scavenger hunts as a kid!

If you want to plan a fun way to have your kids find their gifts this holiday season, here are 8 scavenger hunt clues for you to use.

These rhyming clues will lead your kids/grandkids to different places around the house, helping create even more excitement before they get to open their presents.

Here’s how to plan it:


What You Need

  • Scavenger hunt clues (see below)
  • 10 gifts for your kids


Write the clues out on post-it notes

Next, decide which presents you want to hide in each of the locations listed below, particularly taking into account the size of them. It’s also best if the main gift (if there is one) is saved for the final clue.

When you’re hiding the gifts, stick the clues to them – the second clue should be attached to the first gift, the third clue to the second gift, etc. That way, once you’ve given your kids the first clue, they can find their way around the house to all of the hidden presents.

If you’re not planning on giving your children 8 gifts, use candy for the rest of the clues so that they still have 8 things to find.


Explain to your kids that this year, you’ve hidden gifts around the house.

You have some good news for them though – there are some rhyming clues to help them find all the gifts.

Give them the first clue and have them work out where the first item has been placed. This item will then have the clue for the second item attached.

Their challenge is to find all of their presents.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

Here’s the list of 8 clues for you to use – they also state where you should hide each item. (Use these ideas or be creative with your own!)

1. Under Pillow

Your first item
That you get to keep
Is under where
Your head rests to sleep

2. Fridge

You need to read this clue
If you want to be told
Where your next item is
It’s where food is kept cold

3. Behind The TV

The next hiding place
You need to know
Is behind what plays
Your favorite show

4. Oven

If you can find your next gift
You’ll be in a good mood
So go and take a good look
Somewhere that you can cook food

5. Washing Machine

For your fifth of your holiday clues
And to make your gift pile grow
This scavenger hunt’s taking you
Where clothes are washed as white as snow

6. Sink

The last hiding place fills with water
And this next one can do so too
There are several around the house
Where washing hands is what you do

7. Closet

You’re doing really well at this
You’re giving it a good try
The next thing that you’re looking for
Is where clothes get hung when dry

8. Behind Curtains / Blinds

This is the eighth of your clues
So the end is in sight
Now go look behind some things
That help keep out the light

Let us know if you have other fun ideas for the holidays!

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