Second Act Of The Month Award for November 2022: Lori Williams

lori williams


Each month, we give the 50PlusToday SECOND ACT Award to an individual who made an intentional decision to change gears in this phase of life. It’s our goal to recognize and support people who reinvented themselves at age 50Plus and we choose recipients who are creative, innovative and inspiring to others. Their pivot might involve a new career, business, community effort or lifestyle. A successful, happy and meaningful life means different things to different people; reading what others did might start you thinking about your next journey! The bottom line is that your second half of your life can be as good as, if not better than, the first!  We hope to inspire our readers with success stories from others. (Is there someone you know that created a wonderful second act that you would like to nominate? Complete this form to submit their name for consideration!)

The recipient for October 2022 is Lori Williams

Like many people who choose to work in the older adult space, Lori has a personal story that became a passion. She opened her senior placement business four years ago after learning first-hand how difficult it can be to navigate through the maze of living options for older adults.  The experience took a tremendous emotional toll on her family and she wanted to help others in similar situations. Lori was 54 when she started her new business, and four years later she now has eight employees! She encourages others wanting to embark on a second act to realize age is just a mindset that shouldn’t hold you back. Lori says, “Well-seasoned adults have three things younger people don’t have – experience, knowledge and confidence!” 

50PlusToday: What are your unique skills that contribute to your success?

LW:  I am very driven and motivated to always do my best at whatever job or task I undertake. I love to learn and share that knowledge with others. I don’t think you are ever too old to learn something new – I have art & Spanish lessons on my to do list.

50PlusToday: What did you do before starting your entrepreneurial journey?

LW:  My degree is in Marketing from Louisiana State University. I worked several years for a software company, and then in sales for a company that manufactured fans and heaters. Exciting stuff! Ha. When we adopted our son in 1996 I chose to be a stay at home mom. After adopting our daughter in 2003, I decided I would return to work when she started Kindergarten. That’s when I went to work in senior living and discovered that’s where I am supposed to be!

50PlusToday: Tell us about what you are doing now.

LW: I own a senior placement service, Lori Williams – Senior Services, LLC. Our mission is to educate and guide older adults and their families through the confusing world of senior living. There are so many options when it comes to resources and senior living communities. We find that most people become overwhelmed and either never make a decision or go with a service or senior community that may not be the right fit for them. We understand that most seniors prefer to stay in their homes for as long as possible, and we want to ensure that they have the resources to keep them safe. Once they’ve reached the point that they’re ready to move, we help them find the community that best fits their needs, budget, interests, etc. I also host a podcast, Aging in Style, that provides education on all topics senior related, and celebrates inspirational seniors. I love sharing their stories – one lady I interviewed is 82 and jumping out of airplanes!

50PlusToday:  What passion led you to start this new endeavor?

LW: My grandmother was diagnosed with dementia in the early ‘90’s. She immigrated to the USA from Ecuador when she was in her 40’s and did not have much money. I saw how my mom and aunt struggled to try to find resources for her. She attended an adult day care for as long as she was able, and then had caregivers and hospice until she passed away at 101 years of age. After seeing how difficult it was to find care, and the emotional toll on my family inspired me to pursue a career in senior living. I began my career in senior living working for an Independent & Assisted Living community, and then went to work for a national senior referral service. I decided in 2018 to start my own business, using my knowledge and experience in senior living to serve my local community. The business has grown beyond my wildest dreams and I now have 8 people working with me, serving all of Dallas/Fort Worth.

50PlusToday:  How does your age and experience help in your success?

LW: With age and experience comes confidence and that confidence is what allows you to put yourself out there, which you have to be willing to do to build a successful business. You can’t worry about what others may think of you. Starting a podcast was way outside of my comfort zone, but I drew on my confidence to push through it. I knew that with my experience and knowledge I had a message to share that could help many people.

50PlusToday” What unique skills did you have from your previous job/business/lifestyle that help you in this new position?

LW: Drive and organizational skills are essential to become a successful entrepreneur. My background is in Marketing, so I knew the importance of creating a brand and consistent message. Also, having worked in senior living for as long as I have, my name was known and I had a good reputation. It also helped that most of the people in my age group have parents or grandparents who are needing help with senior resources.

50PlusToday: What advice would you give someone in this age group searching for their meaningful second act?

LW: Never say “I’m too old!” I hear people in their 40’s say those dreaded three words all the time! Age is a mindset. I was 54 when I started my business, and I can honestly say not once did I think of my age. Those of us who are older, or well-seasoned, have three things younger people don’t have – experience, knowledge and confidence! Follow your passion and start your own second act.

50PlusToday: Finally, please give us three random facts about yourself.

1) I am a diet coke addict

2) I am completely in love with my golden retriever, Sadie

3) I love all music, especially everything from the 80’s.

 50PlusToday: Your favorite quote:

LW: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~ Maya Angelou



lori williams, senior advisor

Lori is the owner/founder of Lori Williams – Senior Services, LLC. She has lived in Dallas for 25 years and has worked in the senior industry for over 16 years. Her passion for seniors began when her grandmother was diagnosed with Dementia. Lori has a Bachelor in Science, Marketing degree from Louisiana State University. Voted “Best of Denton County” 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 for Senior Services, she is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) & Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP). Lori is also the creator and host of the Podcast, “Aging in Style with Lori Williams” and was the co-host of the former Podcast/YouTube show, “The Girlfriends’ Guide to Senior Living.” Lori has been married for 32 years, and has two kids.

LEARN MORE ABOUT LORI: Website | “Aging in Style with Lori Williams” Podcast | LinkedIn | facebook



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