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65 and Still Working? What About Medicare?

medicare part B
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by Stacy Calloway, Medicare Expert (UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions)

Let’s talk about Medicare

Confused by all the Medicare rules? You’re not alone. And if you have a question, chances are others have the same one. Our Medicare expert is available to address your concerns (Email your questions anonymously to us; please title your email 50PLUSTODAY).

Today’s column addresses the ins and outs of Medicare Part B (Medical insurance) when you choose to work past age 65.

Do I need to apply for Medicare Part B if I still work at 65?

This is probably the most frequently asked question I receive. I wish I could provide a “one size fits all” type of answer, but my typical response is “It depends on your situation”.  

Will your employer allow you to stay on their plan at age 65?  Some employers do, others don’t. This conversation is definitely one to have with Human Resources.  If they allow you to remain on the employer plan, you may be able to delay applying for Part B ( Medical insurance).  If there are 20 or more employees at the company, you can opt to delay Part B without a late enrollment penalty.  With less than 20 employees, you need to enroll in Part B when you are eligible.  In this case, Medicare becomes your primary insurance and your employer plan secondary.  

If eligible, can I drop my employer plan?

If I am eligible, can I drop my employer plan, and just go on Medicare?  Yes, you can. In fact, Medicare may be less expensive than your employer plan. Not only that, when you add a Medicare Advantage plan, you may receive more benefits than your employer plan provides.  

Keep in mind Medicare is individual health insurance, not a family plan.  So, if you decide to go on Medicare while still working and your spouse is on your employer plan and not yet eligible for Medicare, your spouse needs to find other insurance.

What if I am covered under my spouse’s employer plan?

What if your spouse’s plan covers you when you become eligible for Medicare? You can elect to keep both, or drop the employer plan from your spouse and just go on Medicare.  If you decide to keep both, Medicare can be primary or secondary depending on the number of employees in the company.


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About the author:

medicare Stacy Calloway is an experienced Insurance Agent licensed in the state of Texas and currently contracted with UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions. Stacy educates Medicare beneficiaries on the different parts of Medicare, prescription drug plans and the benefits of becoming a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement member with UnitedHealthcare. Visit Stacy’s website to learn more and follow her on Facebook! 


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