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Medicare Scammers Are at it AGAIN

medicare scammers

The Medicare Scammers are after your Medicare number AGAIN!


Here’s how it works:

Callers identify themselves as Medicare employees and ask if you still use your old red, white and blue Medicare card – or if you switched to the new black and white one.  They may say your card isn’t the right one and offer to send a replacement if you provide personal information such as a Social Security number or date of birth. Or, they might try to entice you to pay a fee to switch from a paper to a plastic card or one with a chip (card types Medicare does NOT offer).

What should you do? HANG UP! Next, tell your friends and report scams to the FTC HERE.

One more thing you can do:
There is a National DO NOT CALL Registry where you can add your phone numbers, both cell and landlines. Register your numbers HERE. Registering will not stop all the scam calls, but will significantly reduce how many you receive.

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