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Mid-Aged and Still Swinging?

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50+ and still swinging? At Golf Balls, Yes!

Notice how the old term “golf widow” is rarely heard anymore?   The most recent stats put women at twenty-five percent of all golfers in the USA.   It’s still only one-quarter of adult golfers, but it’s a growing statistic and here’s why we want to see more women joining the men folk on the green.

Golf makes for a satisfying sport for one and all, and it’s less taxing on the joints, muscles and bones than let’s say, running marathons or beach volleyball.  What’s more, golf clothes can be quite smart – no ripped denim please — and they cover more than skin-tight or skimpy sports attire, a good thing for most of the 50 plus crowd.

Aside from the fashion advantages, a round of golf has more benefits than a round of deep breathing, or a gentle hike in a pristine forest.  How do we know this?  Well, the last time I asked my neighbor, Matt, whether he’d like to finish his granola and breathe deeply with me for ten minutes, he suggested an early tee-time instead.

golf, 50plus, glovelast, golfgloveGolf is like fine wine or gouda, it just gets better with age.  Please don’t write to contradict this, what we mean is that it’s a sport that nearly everyone can enjoy, no matter age or condition.  Obviously, what we’re scoring here is well-being and pleasure rather than birdies and eagles.

But neither are we discounting the physical benefits of golfing for the 50 plus crowd.  Golf takes concentration, balance, hand-eye coordination, and even if you use a cart, an occasional stroll on the green.   Perhaps best of all, it provides an opportunity to socialize, an essential element to good health, the scientists tell us.  “Twice a week I get outside, limber up and walk the course with my buddies,” says our pal, Bob, in Nashville.  “It’s the best part of my week – don’t tell my wife.”  We won’t, we promise.  However, with the statistics pointing up how many women are joining in, we wouldn’t be surprised if she got together a game of her own.

If you’ve never played golf before or had small satisfaction from a game of miniature golf with the grandkids, we say get out there and try it.   If you want to relieve some stress, head to a driving range.  There’s nothing like hitting ball after ball to help you dissipate the effects of a forty-five minute customer service call with the Philippines.

Good new for the 50 plussers, unlike most other sports, golf is one that is easily adopted in retirement.  The advantage of youth can’t compete with the satisfaction and pleasure of having the time to practice.  Yes, sir, that should put a smile on your face.

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Author: Arlen Hollis Kane

arlen hollis kaneArlen is a Manhattan-based award-winning healthcare writer, who turned over every rock to help find the road to well-being for her readers.  After reaching 50 Plus years, she pursued a childhood passion and enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology.  She is now a designer and maker of handbags, scarves and jewelry.  Her design work in fashion blends perfectly with her art.

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