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NON-eLECTRIC bidet toilet seat

by Ellen Blake

Alpha ONE V2 Bidet Seat


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I spent a lot of time looking for a bidet seat for my master bathroom this past year. Though bidets are extremely popular throughout Europe, Japan and South Korea, consumers in the U.S. began adding them to their homes only recently. Why are they so popular? There are many reasons, actually over and above the obvious one that water splashed on your tush is refreshing and simply feels good. For example, they are eco-friendly, more sanitary, provide health benefits and promote independence for those with disabilities. Read more about the benefits here:

8 Reasons Bidet Toilet Seats Are Becoming a Must-Have Accessory – Do You Need One?

On a personal note, my primary reason for wanting a bidet is because I have hemorrhoids. My hemorrhoids are painful, and each year become more so. Advised not to wipe, I often jumped into the shower immediately following a bowel movement to clean myself, which is not at all convenient. 

I carefully reviewed all the options once I decided to install one. Some are expensive, but others are not. The cost of adding only a bidet toilet seat particularly if adding a bidet toilet seat to an existing toilet is actually quite reasonable. 

Unfortunately, the bidet toilet seats I found required an electrical outlet near the toilet. The small room that houses the commode in my master bath has no outlets, and hiring an electrician to add electricity to this area could potentially turn a small project into an expensive one. For this reason, I initially accepted that I likely would not be able to make a bidet work in my little bathroom.

Non-electric bidet toilet seat 

I was thrilled when a friend shared the Alpha ONE model with me, an elongated bidet toilet seat requiring no electricity priced under $100, with dual nozzles and a modern design and ultra-low profile. This bidet seat also requires no batteries or complicated plumbing. I was able to install it myself, which took about an hour.  Please note, I am not handy, so someone more competent with household fixtures could probably get it set up more quickly. The product came with good instructions, and the only tools I needed were a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.

The water spray

The bidet sprays room temperature water, not warm, which is still very comfortable and refreshing. The spray comes from the inside back of the toilet, and retracting dual nozzles offer both front and rear cleansing. You easily control the pressure from soothing to powerful with a simple lever.  There is no mess; the water does not spray out of the toilet.  I feel completely cleansed after using, and while I sometimes dry off with toilet paper, I do not experience pain anymore from wiping the area with hemorrhoids. 

Other benefits

The  Alpha One V2 bidet seat has a sturdy sittable lid, and both the seat and lid are soft closing to prevent slams. It in no way looks “clinical” in my bathroom as the metal hose and lever that accompany this bidet toilet seat are unobtrusive. I am very happy with this unit as it has a quality look and feel and functions flawlessly. There are no leaks, at least this far. The only thing that would make this bidet more perfect is it sprayed warm water, but I happily gave that up in order to be able to have one at home that I could insteal simply and without a great deal of epense. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a simple, affordable, high quality and non-electric bidet toilet seat to enjoy at home. 

NON-eLECTRIC bidet toilet seat   


Alpha One V@ Bidet Toilet Seat


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