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This is Not My Final Answer

not my final answer
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Author: Suzette Audia, owner at The Hair Design Group in Plano Texas

Often we need the encouragement of others to stay strong, move forward or even believe in ourselves…..

For some reason the feeling is not the same when it comes from a loved one or family member.

Brene Brown books

Put several women in a room together….and begin to tell life stories, and that is where the power begins, we fuel off of each others energy, we encourage, promote and hold each up as if it was our last final good deed.

Coming from the industry that I am in, I have found the comradery of the female to go beyond just human emotion.

Life is getting tougher and we need to come together to be strong enough to bend in this world without breaking.

We are trained to believe that as we approach middle age or our 50’s if you will……it’s time for the downhill slide!

Well, I say….no! This is not my final answer, I lived this long…..not to conform to the end, but to begin to use the knowledge and my life experiences to catapult forward. No matter how much time i have left, i will not go out the conditioned way.

You can’t be a LIFE COACH without having life experiences…….

Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful!!

I have spoken to hundreds and thousands of women in the course of my 40 year career and  standing behind the chair….. i am certain that we are all fighting on the same side, and that we need each other.

Women are powerful creatures, that have been taken advantage of for too many years….it is time we change that. It is time to set our minds to accomplish great things, even if it is as simple as  cleaning out a closet that we have been staring at for 2 years. The accomplishments are only as great as we see them, and sometimes for me, just going to the grocery store is an amazing feat……but oh!! How great i feel when i get home. Ladies, let’s start small and work our way up the power cord….together we can do this. Together we can change OUR world.

No matter what our issue is… story is too small, too big, too embarrassing, or too shameful. We all have baggage, why don’t we help each other carry it

To the dumpster!


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