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Your Kids’ Friends: An Untapped Networking Opportunity for Older Job Seekers

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by Stuart Rosenfield

Network, network, network

Everyone tells you to always network. Network with your current and past co-workers and bosses.  Network with your friends, neighbors, soccer parents, doctors, etc. There’s one group often overlooked as you hit 50, and especially when you hit 60…your kid’s friends.

Really? My kid’s friends’?

You mean the kids that came over for playdates in elementary school? The ones I coached in seventh grade and carpooled with their parents?  The kids who grew up calling me Mr. Rosenfield?

Yup. Those kids.

As your kids grew up, so did their friends. Those youngsters who were in your Boy Scout Troop are now in their late 20s and early-to-mid 30s.  Many have impressive jobs with great companies.  If in their 30s, they are likely in their second or third job, and perhaps in management roles where they may be in a position to hire. Also, they grew up with social media and have hundreds, sometimes thousands of connections.

History is a good thing

While these young professionals certainly have a history with your child, they also have a history with you that often spans 15-20 years. Chances are you helped them navigate their first two decades of life, providing them guidance and assistance.  Trust me, they remember you and the impact you had on their early lives. They respect you and your life experience.

Don’t be afraid to connect with them either by phone or Linkedin. Some of the other social media venues may be a bit too personal, but professional networking is very appropriate for both you and them. You also have a great many connections accumulated over the years, and can help them expand their networks while you work to grow yours.

The bottom line

Networking has no age limitation. The more people you have in your network, especially those with whom you have longtime relationships, the more opportunities you might discover. 

Oh, and it’s OK for them to now call you by your first name.



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Stuart Rosenfield, from Plano, Texas, successfully reinvented himself 3 times having been laid off as an older adult.  It was tough, but he did it and is now happily available to help others in the same boat.  Contact him today for help in your job search.



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