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4 Ways the Post Pandemic World Will Be Awesome

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by Ellen Blake

July 2020 quarantine update…It’s not all bad

Still home most of the time. And after five months of social distancing, I’ve run out of shows to binge, skills to learn and puzzles to finish. Despite my best intentions, some of my closets and drawers remain disorganized, but who cares. Even the zoom happy hours I loved in March are not as fun; as no one really has much going on these days, the conversations don’t flow particularly well. And I don’t think I’m the only one who misses Dr.Deborah Birx’s daily updates at the White House briefings in part to see what fabulous scarf she chose each day and how she tied it.

But it’s not all bad. The pandemic forced some unexpected changes on our world that may be beneficial long-term. Here’s my vision of how the post pandemic world looks:

4 Positive changes due to Covid19 I believe are here to stay

More mindful consumption

Households make fewer purchases overall now and focus more on intentional, sustainable and and essential purchases. Priorities have shifted and people seem to live more authentic and content lives.

Better and more frequent communication

Families and friends reach out more often and differently. 

New focus on mental health issues 

People recognize that social isolation and/or financial difficulties secondary to the pandemic can take a toll on mental health. An increased focus on these issues helps reduce stigma and hopefully will improve the availability of support services.

More affordable living options  

Remote work is likely an enduring trend for many companies. Employees with this option won’t need to reside in expensive cities to live near their offices, and therefore may opt for more space in suburbs.

The bottom line

Hopeful we will have a vaccine in early 2021, I look forward to life returning to some sense of normalcy. In the meantime, I accept I don’t have control over how the situation pans out. None of us do. The post pandemic world will look different, but that doesn’t mean bad. Just different.

And it may even be better.


top image: Dayne Topkin

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