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PRODUCT REVIEW: Sunday Citizen Bamboo Crystal Weighted Blanket

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Review by Brenda Bonin

Sunday Citizen Bamboo Crystal Weighted Blanket

The Sunday Citizen bamboo crystal weighted blanket, dubbed a therapeutic blanket, provides gentle pressure to help you relax and sleep. The filling consists of glass beads and tiny pieces of quartz and amethyst. 

As I experience a great deal of insomnia at night, I was happy to review this blanket when asked.  I prefer to sleep with heavy blankets, even in the summer.  I like the weight of a quilt or other cozy cover, so this product concept appeals to me.

The first night sleeping with the crystal weighted blanket was amazing.  Elated, I realized I didn’t wake even once during the night.  It felt like I slept in a cocoon.  The next few nights we had some very warm spring-like weather in February, and I was little too warm with this blanket on.   When more seasonal weather returned, it was again comfortable.  I notice that with the weighted blanket, I toss and turn a lot less and wake up more rested.   It’s so comfortable, it makes me want to stay in bed later.

The blanket is easy-care with a removable washable cover, and the buttons and ties keep the weighted insert in place.  The cover, made of naturally cooling viscose from bamboo, was smooth and soothing to the touch.

The crystals in the blanket, used in holistic healing practices, are said to absorb and direct energies. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer touted to relieve stress and soothe negative emotions. Rose quartz represents universal love and clear quartz is known to magnify the vibrations of other crystals. Sunday Citizen combined the three stones in the blanket filling to help people relax and sleep more soundly. Did the crystals help relieve my stress and anxiety?  I can’t be sure, but after sleeping with this blanket for two weeks, I do feel less stressed and more relaxed.  This could be due to better sleep in general.   Either way, I am very happy with the blanket and highly recommend it.

A word of caution: At $259, I understand a good weighted blanket is a substantial purchase. However, it’s important you buy one from a respected, reputable brand such as Sunday Citizen, one that is a decent well-made product. You can purchase weighted blankets at a much lower price point, but the quality and effectiveness are just not the same. Don’t waste your money – you are better off just buying a normal blanket.

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