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Backyard Meteorology: Learn to Forecast the Weather

the science of weather
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Learn to forecast the weather just by looking out your window! Enjoy this free self-paced course from Harvard University. The weather forecasts we see every day are based a large variety of  meteorological sensing networks and intensive computer modeling. Before these technologies, we based forcasts on cloud formations and wind directions. This course explores the science behind weather systems by teaching the observational skills needed to make a forecast with the use of  instruments or computer models. It  discusses the physical processes that drive weather and the global forces that shape global climate systems. Finally, the class explores the limits of prediction in both human observations and computer model.

“Can the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?

Take this course to find out!

Where:From the comfort of your own home
When: Available through June 2021/self-paced
Cost: FREE

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