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Second Act Of The Month Award July 2022: Jodie Filogomo

jodi filogomo


Each month, we give the 50PlusToday SECOND ACT Award to an individual who made an intentional decision to change gears in this phase of life. It’s our goal to recognize and support people who reinvented themselves at age 50Plus and we choose recipients who are creative, innovative and inspiring to others. Their pivot might involve a new career, business, community effort or lifestyle. A successful, happy and meaningful life means different things to different people; reading what others did might start you thinking about your next journey! The bottom line is that your second half of your life can be as good as, if not better than, the first!  We hope to inspire our readers with success stories from others. (Is there someone you know that created a wonderful second act that you would like to nominate? Complete this form to submit their name for consideration!

Jodie Filogomo had a successful cosmetic dentistry practice for 22 years before deciding at 50 to pivot to pursue a career showcasing her love of fashion. Now 57, she works with her 84 year old mother and 72 year old friend to provide inspiration on her blog, Jodie’s Touch of Style,  for woman those ages and everyone in between!  You may wonder what cosmetic dentistry has to do with becoming an influencer and creating a successful blog that showcases unique brands and the answer would be nothing! But her success in her first career gave her the confidence to completely change gears in her second act.

We asked Jodie about her journey and here’s what she told us:

50PlusToday: What are your unique skills that contribute to your success:

JF: One of my unique skills is the ability to think creatively about either a clothing item or a situation. For example, I have learned many style hacks that make a clothing item fit better. One of my mottos is we are the boss of our clothes! I’m also really good at questioning which comes in handy when you are told something but it doesn’t make sense. Case in point. For most women over 50, there is still the stigma that you shouldn’t wear white before Memorial Day and definitely not after Labor Day. But if you start questioning these principles, you realize that they just don’t make sense in this day and age.

50PlusToday: What did you do before starting your entrepreneurial journey?

JF: Before I started Jodie’s Touch of Style, I was a cosmetic dentist with my own practice. I generally had between 5-8 employees and practiced for over 22
years in Littleton, Colorado.

50PlusToday: Tell us about what you are doing now.

JF: What don’t I do now? LOL. As an influencer, I have a lifestyle/fashion blog,, that includes my mother and a friend. It’s really a family affair because when I first started it also included my stepmother until we moved from Colorado to Arizona. My husband takes the photos and videos and I am the voice behind the site. I love working with smaller brands to bring awareness to them and thus there are many emails and contracts that have to be written and discussed. There’s also the fact that I need to be a presence on social media. And you know how social media never sleeps. My husband always says I spend more time working now than I ever did as a dentist, but when it’s something you love, it doesn’t feel like work.


50PlusToday: What passion led you to start this new endeavor?

JF: I always loved clothes and shopping. The joke is the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree, because my mother is an expert shopper too. Growing up, Mom was an incredible seamstress, so I always appreciated clothing and style. What is amazing is learning how there are so many different ways to style clothing once you stop being intimidated by it.

50PlusToday: How does your age and experience help in your success?

JF: I feel like being older is such a gift. I have learned that it’s advantageous to dress uniquely instead of trying to blend into the crowd. When I was younger, there was so much angst about trying to look the same as my peers and also trying to be perfect. At this stage of the game, I realize that not only am I a work in progress but a masterpiece at the same time. One of my favorite mottos is we are Perfectly Imperfect.

50PlusToday: What unique skills did you have from your previous job/business/lifestyle that help you in this new position?

JF: I wouldn’t say that many of my dental skills came in handy for my blogging. However, the success of my dental business has given me wonderful self-confidence to realize that I could start something new. It’s not always easy to try new things because you start from scratch and aren’t good at it at first. But the more you do it, the better and easier it gets. Plus I’m a good learner, so I’ve taken many classes about blogging and photography that helped me in this endeavor.

50PlusToday: What advice would you give someone in this age group searching for their meaningful second act?

JF: The easiest thing to do is analyze what you like to do in your spare time. Once you have that answer, then figure out how to incorporate that into your second act. Life is short, so we might as well concentrate on the things we enjoy in life.

50PlusToday: Finally, please give us three random facts about yourself.

All the way up to college I was a gymnast. I still enjoy physical activities and try to keep flexible yet strong.

I’m an avid knitter and love showcasing my pieces in many of my Instagram posts.

My husband and I met at an 8-minute dating event. It was the start of the best part of my life.

50PlusToday: What is your favorite quote?

JF: I have two:

Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
(I use this one as my reasoning that I can’t go back to wearing boring outfits.)

It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life. Sister Elizabeth Kenny
(I love this one to rationalize my bold outfits.)


jodi filogomo“I believe that it’s truly never too late to look great, and I showcase that by including my mother and friends on my site, Jodie’s Touch of Style. We are real women in real clothes with real bodies. One of my superpowers is realizing that our clothes are not the boss of us and we can make almost all of our clothing items very versatile.”





All images published with permission from Jodie Filogomo















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