Sex at 50 Plus: New Challenges, New Satisfactions


ellen blakeby Ellen Blake

Is satisfying and enjoyable sex at age 50 plus impossible?

No – absolutely not. In fact, studies conducted over the last two decades show older adults have sex well in their golden years. If physically healthy and active, including sexually, people don’t tend lose their passion. The desire for physical contact with another human being doesn’t diminish with age.

We still crave intimacy as we age, but the nature of it evolves.

Our bodies inevitably change when we grow older, and as a result, our sex lives change.  Sex may not necessarily lead to intercourse as was generally the case when we were younger.

For some, sex actually becomes more passionate and comfortable as we age. Simple acts of affection such as a hug, a kiss, or just lying close together in bed can be very meaningful.  There are fewer distractions, more time and privacy, and no worries about pregnancy. Perhaps more importantly, couples in long-term relationships often share a special bond.

THE BOTTOM LINE? Age related changes, while frustrating, can provide opportunities to try new things to keep the romance alive.

Compliment each other often and with sincerity. Dance in the kitchen. Hold hands in the car. Communicate well and often, and involve a professional to resolve old issues if you need a little extra help. Explore what you can do to change your usual sex routine. Finally, as we know physical health is very important for sexual health, try to exercise regularly and eat healthfully.

Intimacy can make you happy no matter your age – it just may take a little more work than when you were younger.

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  1. Nan Bar says:

    In one of your articles, you wrote:

    One older couple I spoke with said a satisfying sexual relationship is important to their quality of life. “We still see each other as romantic and attractive”, they said. When I asked them for their secret, they explained the trick keeping the romance alive is an essential part of sex in this phase of life.

    BUT you left out the most important part of the article… you never told what they explained. i.e., the trick to keeping the romance alive.

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