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So Simple Soft Pretzel Recipe (from Taste Buds Kitchen)

soft pretzel recipe
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Learn the trick to make amazing traditional soft pretzels! You’ll feel like you are in New York City! Especially fun to make with the grandkids!

These wonderful pretzels pair perfectly with Cardamom Honey Dipping Sauce (recipe below)

Makes 6 pretzels, approximately 5″ each


¾ cup warm water
1 tsp yeast
1 tsp brown sugar
2 cups all-purpose flour
½ tsp salt

Baking Soda Mix
¼ cup warm water
¾ t baking soda


Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Add warm yeast and brown sugar to a large mixing bowl. Stir to dissolve.

Add flour and salt in small increments, stirring to combine and eventually kneading the dough until smooth and elastic.

Place dough in a well oiled bowl, cover and let rise at least 30 minutes. While dough rises, make the baking soda mixture by mixing baking soda and warm water in a bowl.

After dough has risen, pinch off bits of dough (about 3 oz pieces) and roll into a long rope about ½”
thick. Shape into desired soft pretzel shape. Brush formed pretzels with baking soda solution and
place on a baking sheet (note: do not use parchment paper as pretzels will stick).

Bake for 8-10 minutes or until golden.

While pretzels bake, make your favorite dipping sauce (recipes below). In a small bowl, whisk together ingredients until smooth. Pour into a small dipping bowl. 

Remove soft pretzels from oven. Serve fresh soft pretzels with mustard or with dipping sauce on the side.

(If you like, brush lightly with melted butter and sprinkle salt or “everything bagel” spice on top when pretzels come out of the oven!”


Dipping sauce recipe from Taste Buds Kitchen

Cardamon Honey Dipping Sauce
¼ cup honey
2 tbsp lemon juice 
½ tsp confectioners sugar
½ tsp ground cinnamon 
½ tsp ground cardamom 

And here’s another dipping sauce I like (old family recipe)

½ cup mayonnaise
1½ tbsp. yellow mustard
1½ tbsp. Dijon mustard
2 tbsp. honey
1 tbsp lemon juice

recipe printed with permission from Taste Buds Kitchen
top image source: Pierre Gui from



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