BOOK REVIEW: Stone Cold Fox by Rachel Koller Croft

book review stone cold fox

This month’s pick of the month from Andrea Peskind-Katz from GREAT THOUGHTS, GREAT READERS is:

Stone Cold Fox by Rachel Koller Croft

Every month, Andrea chooses a book either written by an individual aged 50Plus or written for this awesome community!

stone cold fox

Review by Anissa Telle

About Stone Cold Fox…

Stone Cold Fox by Rachel Koller Croft is a suspenseful thriller that grabs you right from the start.  You will have true sympathy for the innate wickedness of the heroine Bea. She had a non-traditional childhood as the often forced and sometimes willing accomplice of her con-artist mother. Regular name changes, a different backstory, and the frequent pursuit of luxurious circumstances was the only life she knew. But, Bea is on her own now. Stone Cold Fox leads you through her own methods of deploying the tricks and cunning that came so naturally to her mother to secure her target.

The question of nature versus nurture are especially apparent as Bea must navigate ways to protect herself and her deceptive actions. Bea is truly someone that you should abhor, but instead she worms her way into your heart. Collin Case is the stereotypical filthy rich boy with fabulous houses full of antiques, a token CEO title in his family business, Ivy League education, and long-standing relationships closed to outsiders.

Bea set her sights high with the goal of becoming Mrs. Collin Case. But Collin has a few fierce protectors including his mother and female best friend who are certainly not willing to allow Collin to easily be taken advantage of by a commonplace fortune hunter. The dramatic tension created makes you wonder if Bea has met her match.

Why you will love it…

Stone Cold Fox abounds with masterful characterization, plotting, scandalous behaviors, and rich storytelling. It is a guilty pleasure and keeps you interested in learning the answers to long-standing questions that are perhaps best kept hidden.

I am extremely impressed with this debut author. The book is written in a way that makes it impossible for me to stop thinking about Bea. I want to talk about her to everyone. Is she a man-eater or not? Was it a case of just pure bad timing coupled with bad behavior? Are ambition and using your attributes the wrong choice to secure a better future? What is your limit to conceal personal hidden secrets? Stone Cold Fox provides the ideal balance of escapism, revenge and cunning. It is a true emotional roller coaster from the first to the last sentence. Rachel Koller Croft’s future books will have a permanent place on my must-read list

I was provided a free advance reader copy from Penguin Random House Publishing Group – Berkley Books in exchange for my honest review. The opinions shared in this review are my own.



RACHEL KOLLER CROFT STONE COLD FOXRachel Koller Croft is an author and screenwriter in Los Angeles, where she has scripted projects for Blumhouse, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Comedy Central, among others. She lives by the beach with her husband, Charles, and their rescue pit bull, Juniper. STONE COLD FOX is her first novel.  Learn more about Rachel Koller Croft HERE. 



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STONE COLD FOX by Rachel Koller Croft


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