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Top 8 Clear Window Face Masks for Visible Expression (UPDATED)

transparent face masks

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Communication problems in today’s world of Covid19.

Under the best of times, some of us don’t communicate all that well, unfortunately. Face masks that cover our mouths and expressions make it even harder to convey our messages effectively. A face covering is particularly problematic for those of us with hearing issues. Reading someone’s face and/or lips is important for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Though admittedly not yet perfected, transparent face masks are available and affordable As with any product, some brands are better than others. These transparent face masks make great gifts for loved ones!

Note: The current clear window masks for sale work well in many situations, but some tend to be warm or can fog up when used for extended periods of time. A new transparent design called HelloMask is currently in the works that looks to be more protective and comfortable; we hope to see them for sale in early 2021. Researchers say the HelloMask will be disposable and eco-friendly, and have the right combination of transparency, resistance and porosity for safety and comfort. 

R20 Protective Clear Face Shields – Adjustable, Lightweight and Anti-Fog For Eye Protection

$22.00/2 pack

Made in the USA, these durable and easy to clean transparent masks are super comfortable. They are anti-fog, anti-static and have 8 adjustable settings. The shield is crystal clear and easy to wear over glasses.Buy in bulk for savings. No assembly needed.


 Fully Transparent Face and Eye Protection from Droplets and Saliva with Reusable Glasses and Replaceable Shield,








$23.99/3 Pack
ArtToFrames face shields, made in the U.S.A, are light and flexible. They are made from durable acrylic and PET materials, and offer full coverage of eyes, nose and mouth with optimal clarity and an anti-fog feature. Easily washable with a lint free cloth and alcohol, these face shields come with comfort fit acrylic glasses that fit over most eyeglasses. Comes with replaceable shield (Glasses and shield shipped separately).


ANTI-FOG Adults/Kids Clear Mask With Adjustable Straps-Etsy 

anti fog clear face mask

28.50 each
These transparent masks seem to be the best anti-fog versions. You can easily wash and reuse them, and they come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are comfortable for extended use and made with a 100% multi layered cotton frame.

Transparent Face Mask/Shield Hybrid – Etsy

clear face mask

$15.00 each
Great for both kids and adults, especially for those who wear glasses! Comfortable even for extended use. Fits snuggly on nose and cheeks, with maximum airflow toward the chin to reduce fogging. Choose from a variety of fabric selections.

Face Mask with Clear Window – Etsy

transparent facemask

$20.99 each
Made with a variety of fun fabrics to choose from, this face mask features a large transparent vinyl window. and nose clips. It also has elastic adjustable ear ties. This washable and reusable face masks comes in small, medium and large sizes. 

Face mask w/ clear vinyl window – Etsy

transparent face mask

$17.00 each
This unisex face mask has a large transparent window and is made from high quality cotton fabric (various patterns and solids from which to choose). The window is vinyl and the loops are comfortable elastic. Perfect for teachers!

$11.99 each
This unisex face mask/hat combination is simple and practical in design. The transparent shield is windproof, waterproof, dust-proof and scratch-proof. It provides a clear view, is easy to clean and offers UV protection.

DSPKONG Children’s Face Bandanas with Transparent Shield

$22.00/8 pieces

Lightweight, comfortable, clear and fun for the kids! Designs for both boys and girts. These all-round protective shields are reusable, and made with soft breathable padding along the headband for extended comfortable wear. One size fits all head shapes.


Custom Face Mask, Reusable Cloth Mask with Filter – Amazon

custom face

$17.95 each
Okay, so this mask does not have a see-through window, but we included it because it still lets your personality shine through! Thought we’d throw in another option for fun. Upload your photo for a custom face mask made from deluxe quality machine washable material with  4-way stretch to fit all sizes. This face covering is breathable and comes with one (1) replaceable non-woven 5-layer filter to insert into the pocket. The elastic ear loops adjust for comfort. 

Please wear a mask!

Whichever type of mask you decide to wear, the important thing is you wear one during this crazy pandemic! A variety of face coverings are available to meet your needs. A transparent face mask is a little more difficult to find, but worthwhile for anyone who interacts with others who are hearing impaired.

Instructions for a Do It Yourself Face Mask With Clear Window

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