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Fully Vaccinated – Now Where Can I Go?

travel after covid vaccine

by Debra Kerper

Travel after Covid vaccine

People are ready to travel and want to get out of town.  RIGHT NOW! But, where to go? And do you plan to go by car or by plane? 

As the pandemic winds down with the availability of the vaccine, road trips seem to be a good choice. Keep in mind though that gas prices are on the rise and there’s talk of a gas shortage.

travel after covid vaccine

It seems many have a burning desire to board a plane bound for somewhere more exotic.  As a travel consultant with 29 years of experience, I receive more phone calls and emails recently than ever from people anxious to travel to a multitude of destinations. Those contacting me are all ages, but most are older adults and/or travelers with disabilities and pre-existing medical conditions.

Where to go?

I am cautious about booking travel for my clients right now. During these confusing times, I recommend you plan to visit destinations that already proved their safety such as Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Dominican Republic. These areas are very popular with minimal risk. It makes sense to wait to go to other locations such as Europe, Alaska, the Caribbean and the South Pacific until the end of 2021 and beyond.

The future of cruising 

Cruises are still uncertain for this summer, though Royal Caribbean currently offers trips from Barbados, Celebrity from St. Maarten and Holland America from Greece to the Eastern Mediterranean. If you choose to sail on one of these trips, you have the added cost and inconvenience of flying to these destinations. 

I don’t know when to expect cruises to resume sailing from U.S. ports. They hope to start sometime in July, but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is reluctant to allow ships to sail from U.S. ports. I want to avoid more cancellations and re-bookings if possible. There’s already been too much disappointment this past year. 

travel after covid vaccine

My advice? Sit tight and wait a little longer. 

Despite the progress we made to contain the virus, the future of travel is still not clear. Problems may arise once planes, hotels and cruise ships ramp up to full capacity.  I am a “glass half full” kind of person, an eternal optimist, but I still believe we all need to proceed with caution to see how travel plays out for the masses.  No one wants to be caught off guard and perhaps stranded far from home.  Especially seniors and travelers with disabilities.  Do I believe this will happen?  No, but we went through so much these past 14 months.  I doubt anyone wants a repeat of this period in our lives.

My grandson and I have plans to take a short cruise out of Florida in December. I have three more cruises booked in 2022, including one to the Western Mediterranean with time in Barcelona. I also scheduled two land trips; one to Israel and another to London and Paris.  Fingers crossed that these trips actually happen as I already scheduled and rescheduled them three times.

The bottom line

After more than a year of social restrictions, canceled trips and postponed events, vaccinated Americans are eager to start exploring again. But, of course, traveling should come second to safety. And it’s important to understand added expenses possibly involved as well as potential risks.

For this summer, plan to go to an area currently considered safe where you can travel affordably. Multiple countries are open to vaccinated people. To book a more elaborate international trip with confidence, I recommend you choose dates in late 2021 or into 2022. Note that proof of vaccination will be required in many locations and for all cruise lines.

One thing’s for sure – the world is beginning to open up. Try to be patient for just a little while longer…then enjoy your vacation!


About the author

debra kerper

Debra Kerper, CATA, ACC, has helped people explore the world since 1993.  She owns Easy Access Travel, a Cruise Planners Franchise that is part of the American Express Retail Travel Network.

The goal of Easy Access Travel is to ensure that everyone, regardless of age or physical limitations, has the opportunity to travel.  Debra, an older adult, has lived with lupus since age 20 and is a bilateral lower limb amputee.  She travels extensively using various types of mobility aids (scooter, wheelchair, etc.).  Debra speaks nationally about “How to Travel with Special Needs” and loves to share her expertise with everyone. Learn more at or call Debra at 800.920.8989.



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