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PRODUCT REVIEW: Simple Human 5″ Round Travel Sensor Makeup Mirror 10x Magnification

travel sensor makeup mirror

Simplehuman 5″ Round Travel Sensor Makeup Mirror

Best mirror ever!

I waited to review the mirror until I had it for almost a year as some of the reviews on Amazon said the battery did not recharge after a little while. I did not have a problem with the battery. It recharged easily using the USB that connects to my computer (alternatively, sometimes I plug into an adapter in the bathroom wall). It is cordless and can be used without a cord for up to five weeks on a single charge. (I use it every single day.)

What I like

This product is well designed, lightweight and comes in a sturdy travel case. I bring it with me wherever I go! The lighting is bright and the 10x magnification is incredible – it makes it easy to apply make-up, groom eyebrows and tweeze random hairs on my chin. I  love that the mirror lights up as my face gets close and then turns off automatically when I walk away. There is also an on-off switch on the back in the event you want to have more control. The brushed stainless steel is great quality and looks nice. The mirror is expensive at about $130.00, but in my opinion, worth every penny. It seems to be a quality product that will last a very long time.

What I don’t like

My only complaint is that every flaw shows in this 10x mirror and I spend probably too much time scrutinizing my face – but that’s my issue. I can’t blame the mirror!

The bottom line

This is an absolutely fabulous mirror that is space saving, ergonomic and illuminates the face so that make-up application is flawless (as good as I can achieve anyway). The semi-hard case provided allows you to bring it on your travels with minimal risk of 7 years of bad luck. Also the mirror and stand fold together, making it a real space-saver.


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Simple Human 5" Round Travel Sensor Makeup Mirror 10x Magnification






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