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14 Unique & Affordable Passover Gifts: Tell Loved Ones You’re Thinking of Them

unique passover gifts


This year, families and friends can once again gather to celebrate the Passover holiday. Make your seder even more special and fun with these unique Passover gifts.

Below is our list of carefully curated items, some fun, some more serious, to let loved ones know they are in your thoughts. And next year…well, maybe it won’t be in Jerusalem, but hopefully by that time we can feel safe going back to our usual holiday celebrations.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel “Limited Edition” Manischewitz Coconut Macaroons


Passover Gifts


Know someone who’s a fan of THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL? Who isn’t? This delightfully giftable 1960’s style package is certified Kosher for Passover and gluten and dairy free. Soft and chewy coconut macaroon treats come in a limited-edition collector’s tin. 

Happy Passover Pillow Case 


On this night we recline…The beautiful throw pillow cover makes your Seder that much more special! 

Passover Wine Bottle Label Stickers – Set of 4


Love these Passover themed wine bottle sticker labels! This set of 4 Seder labels, each 4 inches by 5 inches, is a great way to say Happy Passover! Easy to use, waterproof and can even  be used on chilled bottles. Just pick up a bottle of your favorite wine, slap on the sticker and drop off at a friend’s house!


Copa Judaica Amber and Citron Glass Matzah Plate 


This artsy Matzah plate takes a classic style and gives it a stunning modern design. Add elegance to your Passover table! Perfectly sized at 10″ x 10″, this design also comes in other colors.

Pyramid Matzah holder

Passover gifts


How fabulous is this upright matzah plate? Shaped like Egyptian Pyramids, this new design comes in both gold and silver. Easily cleaned and stored, this space saving design frees up room on your table for other food and looks great doing it!


Seder Plate by Gary Rosenthal – Burning Bush

Passover Gifts


This Burning Bush Seder plate embodies a vibrant, organic feeling in brass, copper and brilliant glass infused with symbolism. Functional yet durable creations of art by Gary Rosenthal. 12″ high, 6.5″ wide, 13″ long. 




As featured in The New York Times, this new parody Haggadah is for fans of the greatest Jewish-American sitcom about nothing. Enjoy your Passover acting out a “lost episode” where George forces Jerry to host Seder to impress an Israeli love interest. The clueless Elaine invites a wealthy Egyptian entrepreneur. And Kramer comes up with his next venture: “Matzo, Not So?!”, which promises unleavened matzo so good, it can’t possibly be so. 

Dark Chocolate Seder Plate 16oz By Manischewitz
Dark Chocolate Seder Plate 16oz By Manischewitz, Elegant and Delicious, Perfect Passover Hostess Gift


With this elegant and delicious certified Kosher for Passover chocolate Passover treat you can have your Seder and eat it too! Send one to a loved one and buy one for to enjoy yourself!

Modern Stained Glass Square Seder Plate


Introduce modern style to your Seder table with this unique stained glass Seder Plate! Vivid colors and unique diamond shaped impressions for the special Seder foods make it a central focus of the table. 

 Passover Matzah Cover Set with Afikomen Bag



We love this beautiful Matzah cover and Afikoman bag set for Passover!  Elegant and understated, it is a beautiful addition to anyone’s Seder table. Polyester – 14 x 14 inches (Matzoh cover)/8 by 8 inches (Afikoman holder)


Matzah Cover & Afikoman Bag Set For Passover – Satin Blue Matzo Set


Want something a little brighter for your Passover table? The beautiful satin blue Matzoh cover and Afikoman bag set for passover adds color and fun to the holiday!

Exodus Passover Beef Jerky 

 unique passover gifts


Gluten free, low carb, low fat, Glatt Kosher and still delicious!  The 3 individually wrapped 2 oz jerky packs come in 3 flavors – Original (1 pack), Barbecue (1 pack), and Spicy (1 pack); a low carb, low fat snack.


Passover Crew Adult Socks


“Why is this night different…?” Because these socks are different! All year long we wear regular socks, but on this night we wear fun Passover themed socks! You may be the only one who knows you have them on, but you will smile every time you catch a glimpse of them!

Passover The Wise One Funny T-Shirt

unique passover gifts


Too cute! This tee will provide smiles and memories for years to come. Comes in various colors. Buy one for everyone who is usually at your table! Machine washable.


Peace Love Matzo Funny Passover Seder Jewish Food T-Shirt

unique passover gifts


Peace, love, Matzo – love it! Bring some humor to the holiday! Comes in various colors to provide some fun during this crazy pandemic!


Have other ideas? We would love to hear them!

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originally posted 2/25/2021
updated 3/21/2022

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