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Wearable Smart Technology: 6 Uniquely Wonderful New Innovations

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The wearable smart technology market is exploding! New innovations are disrupting our world and shifting long-established patterns of how we collect and utilize data in our daily lives and social interactions. The wearable revolution goes into a variety of directions once believed impossible. We all know about the Fitbit and Apple Watch at this point…but there’s so much more! Take a look at some of the most interesting products on the market.  

Sleep Headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless 3D Eye Mask, Hands Free for Insomnia Travel

The Lightimetunnel washable sleeping headphones have adjustable ultra thin stereo speakers – perfect for the problem sleeper! Designed with 3D ergonomic technology for comfort, this product blocks out 100% of the light to create absolute darkness. They are ultra-soft, made with breathable slow-rebound memory sponge, which makes them great even for side sleepers. The smooth fabric lets you release your facial stress to fall asleep more rapidly. The built-in adjustable high quality speaker and microphone allows for hands- free and crystal clear calls.#ad

Garmin Vivosmart 4, Activity and Fitness Tracker w/ Pulse Ox, REM Sleep  Heart Rate Monitor

This Garmin slim, smart activity tracker blends fashionable design with stylish metal accents and a bright, easy to read display. While not intended as a medical device to diagnose or treat medical conditions, this affordable little smart activity tracker provides great information! Compatible with your smartphone GPS, you get accurate tracking during outdoor walks and runs. In addition to tracking activity, you can monitor your breathing, heart rate, and REM sleep. And there’s more! It provides vibration alerts for all notifications including calls and text messages too! Great for walks, runs, strength training , yoga, pool swims and more. #ad

Bose Frames – Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones, Bluetooth Connectivity

Wow – These sunglasses with built-in Bose speakers produce rich, immersive sound! Others around you hear practically nothing, so no worries about bothering anyone while using them. The open-ear audio allows you to stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying your music.  Customize your frames with interchangeable lenses from the Bose Frames Lens Collection! #ad

Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speaker

The Monster portable and lightweight wireless wearable speaker provides 12 hours of playtime, 3D stereo sound and is waterproof to boot!  Ideal for both home and outdoors, the ergonomic design on your neck gives a comfortable and secure fit for long periods of time. You won’t even know you have it on – and though you will have a pure Monster sound experience, you won’t bother those around you. The bluetooth 5.0 chip ensures stable transmission up to a 33 foot range and is compatible with most devices. It’s never been easier to make hands-free calls! #ad

Hands-Free Wearable Mini Video Camera

This amazing head-mounted lightweight, comfortable and waterproof camcorder brings first person perspective during hiking, cycling, creating artwork, events and more! Equipped with anti-shake and auto-focus stabilizer produce smooth and clear video recording. Thanks to the Sony high ISO sensor and built-in HDR function, this handy gadget can provide more details than your average video camera even in darkness. Compatible with your smart phone, videos can be edited and shared easily to social media. You don’t even need to wear this camera – it’s also simple to use as a hand-held or attach to a tri-pod. #ad

FOCI – Wearable that Boosts Focus







Price: $89

This is a new product I recently came across that deserves a mention. This thumb-sized wearable called “FOCI” clips to your waist, and with it you can get a read on your emotions, productivity and distractions and use biofeedback technology to focus better and work smarter. Named “Top tech for the go-anywhere office” by Financial Times and featured in CBS Innovation nation, this wonderful little item is in 200+ Staples stores. It’s a perfect gift for those who are into tech and productivity!

What’s next?

Who knows? Innovative and forward-thinking individuals come up with clever new ways to use wearable technology to make life easier and more fun ever day. Stay-tuned…50PlusToday will update this list as we discover new technology!

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