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Hello! As the founder and publisher, I am responsible for overseeing all aspects of the production and distribution of 50PlusToday. I work hard to find excellent writers with a passion for working with the older adult population and work closely with them to ensure that each article is as high quality as possible.

leslie farin
Leslie Farin, Founder/Publisher

I am an experienced communications and marketing professional with a passion for working with individuals aged 50+ and their families. My history is varied with a first career in the healthcare arena before I moved into communications. I received a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Rhode Island. A Master of Public Health from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Rutgers) in New Jersey followed. After graduating, I founded a wellness consulting business coordinating employee health and wellness programs for corporations throughout NJ, such as AT&T and PSE&G. Most of the programs targeted employees over age 50. During this time, I published numerous health-related articles in Environmental Nutrition. After moving to Texas, I obtained a webmaster certification from Collin College. I then worked as a marketing consultant for a wide variety of companies in the DFW area, most of which were senior and/or health-related. I have more than 10 years of experience with the senior community as both a volunteer and a business owner.

In 2017, I founded AccessibleGranburyTx.com, an online magazine geared toward seniors who visit the Granbury, TX area with their families. For those not familiar with Granbury,  USA Today. labeled it the best small-town destination in the U.S. AccessibleGranburyTx.com rates local venues for ease of accessibility on a 5-star scale and serves as a resource for individuals with mobility disabilities. With most of the buildings in the area built before ADA rules were in place, this essential information helps those with mobility issues know where they can comfortably go. This website also highlights the mostly accessible vacation rental home I designed and built in 2016 as part of my effort to help create a world with equal access for all.

This publication led me to create 50Plus-Today, an online senior lifestyle magazine, in 2018. I wanted to broaden my reach to provide important resources for all older adults. Read more about why I started 50Plus-Today

On a personal note, I am an avid cyclist, an accomplished ceramic artist, and a facilitator for the ADL “No Place for Hate” program. I live in Plano, TX with my husband, and have two grown sons, one in New York and the other in Dallas.

Who Makes Up Our 50Plus-Today Team? Meet the Contributors

I love the expression, “It takes a village”. Our 50Plus-Today senior lifestyle would not be possible without the talent and dedication of my writers. Learn about the important contributors below and visit their websites for more information!

Ellen Blake 

ellen blake

Ellen Blake, 50Plus-Today’s most frequent contributor, is an experienced writer with extensive experience with the older adult population. She advocates fiercely and passionately for this age group. Her unique perspectives based on her varied life experiences offer refreshing and entertaining insight on a wide range of topics.

Brenda Bonin

BRENDA BONINBrenda Bonin is a reverse mortgage consultant serving the DFW area for 20 years. She views a mortgage as a financial instrument that can help homeowners achieve their big-picture financial goals. She is also an avid reader and passionate about journaling and writes book reviews and various articles for 50PlusToday.  Learn more about Brenda here.

Stacy Calloway

stacy calloway Stacy Calloway is an experienced Insurance Agent licensed in the state of Texas. She currently works with UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions. Stacy educates Medicare beneficiaries on the different parts of Medicare, prescription drug plans, and the benefits of becoming a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement member with UnitedHealthcare. Visit Stacy’s website to learn more and follow her on Facebook! 

Marlene Caraballo

50Plus-Today team

Eternal optimist, designer by day, writer by night. Mom to three sons and pet parent to Nutley. Resides in Orange County, NY. Marlene blogs about life after 50 at cheers2chapter2.com/. She strives to share inspiration and truth for women over fifty who want to live their best lives and share their journey.

Fayne Frey, M.D.

fayne frey, 50Plus-Today team

Fayne Frey, M.D., is a board-certified clinical and surgical dermatologist practicing in West Nyack, New York. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and is a nationally recognized expert in the effectiveness and formulation of over-the-counter skincare products. As a speaker, Dr. Frey captivates audiences with her wry observations regarding the skincare industry. She consulted for numerous media outlets, including NBC, USA Today, and, the Huffington Post, and shared her expertise on both cable and major TV outlets. Dr. Frey is the Founder of FryFace.com, an educational skincare information and product selection service website that simplifies the overwhelming choice of effective, safe, and affordable products available. Dr. Frey is a fellow of both the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Stephanie Gonzalez

stephanie gonzalez

Stephanie Gonzalez is a freelance writer and blogger who worked for non-profit organizations, public service, and education organizations during the last 25 years.  As a wife to a husband who challenges her to life adventures and a mom to two fun-loving sons, she is excited about diving further into her next career. She is passionate about educating others on two things. First, on nature and its impact on our health throughout our entire lives, and second that when women retire from their primary careers, they aren’t done yet. 

Valerie Grimes, CHt Clinical Hypnotist

valerie Grimes  Valerie Grimes is a master at helping people overcome their negative belief systems. false opinions, and self-defeating habits that reside in their subconscious mind. Those blocks consistently sabotage people’s relationships, health, and opportunities for success in business and other important realms of their lives. She is a 2002 graduate of the Dallas Hypnosis Training Institute, and certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Additionally, she is the owner of The Flow Center in Dallas.  As hiking and hypnosis both link to mental health, she recently started a program where she combines the two to help you achieve your goals. Valerie leads groups in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Learn more here

Harriet Gross

Harriet Gross

A proud native of Pittsburgh, PA, Harriet P. Gross began her journalism career in 1955 at a local paper. She moved to Chicago 2 years later where she worked as a full-time journalist until moving to Dallas in 1980. Here, Harriet began freelancing, doing special projects such as the text for Dallas Section, National Council of Women’s soon-to-be-published history book in addition to writing for a variety of publications.

Today, Harriet’s “In My Mind’s I” column runs weekly in the Texas Jewish Post.  She has won writing awards from the Press Club of Dallas, American Jewish Press Association, National Federation of Press Women, Illinois Woman’s Press Association, and  Press Women of Texas, and has been listed in five Who’s Who publications. In her community, Harriet currently is a book reviewer, discussion leader, and program presenter for clubs, senior living facilities, and Jewish institutions including the JCC’s Senior Program.

Greg Indelicato

       Greg IndelicatoGreg Indelicato holds several certifications in the wine and spirits discipline, notably WSET 1 and 2; World MasterClass of Whiskey, and Certified Bourbon Steward. Over the past several years, Greg served as a guest speaker on wines and spirits for Speaking of Grapes and Grains, as well as for various industry and private clients. He enjoys helping others better understand wine and spirits, and looks for opportunities to share his knowledge and passion with others. A recently retired geologist, Greg’s extensive science background provides a unique perspective for both the novice and the more seasoned wine and spirits drinkers. Contact Greg with your wine questions or for additional information about tastings.

Amy Jones

amy jones

Amy Jones is a midlife coach, author, and international speaker. Everyone has a story to tell and a book inside them. Once we let go of the stories that aren’t true, we feel relieved, empowered, accomplished, unburdened, and validated. That’s how Jones felt once she told her true story of surviving cancer and overcoming emotional trauma and abuse.

She’s had the highs, the lows, the scars, the bruises, the highlights, and the low lights that she can now reflect on this ever-evolving journey of life we are on. Amy’s passion has always been helping people and being of service. Through her trials and triumphs, as well as the experiences of her clients, Amy’s goal is to help people build a life just like she’s done; a life they love waking up to every morning feeling anything is possible.

Pick up one of Jones’ books: Better for Being Broken or Break Through – or visit TheAmyJones.com when you are ready to revive your life and write your story.

Arlen Hollis Kane

arlen kane

Arlen Hollis Kane is a Manhattan-based award-winning writer.  Memos from Manhattan, her regular column for 50PlusToday, is reflective of her love affair with her hometown.  Her focus is on writing about the ever-astonishing people, places, and events that inspire the phrase “only in New York.”

After reaching 50, she fulfilled a childhood passion by enrolling in the Fashion Institute of Technology.  She designs and hand-makes scarves, handbags, and jewelry. Her abstract acrylics and photographs have been featured in a one-woman show in the Gallery of the Borough President of Manhattan, and juried shows, including at the National Arts Gallery.

Arlen volunteers for Dorot, an organization that helps seniors stay engaged and socialized, and Big Apple Greeter, which gives visitors the experience of seeing New York with a local.

Andrea Peskind Katz

great thoughts, great readers

Andrea Peskind Katz runs Great Thoughts, Great Readers, a Book Salon presented via her private FB group where over 1200 prolific readers and authors interact. She also founded Greatthoughts.com, a lifestyle website blog focusing on Great Books and Great Travel. To quote Robert Frost, she created her “second act” career to “unite my avocation and my vocation.” After 20 years in high-pressure sales, Andrea retired to spend time doing what she loves- hanging with her family, reading good books, and enjoying good travel. Andrea is always looking for the next great read and the next great beach or warm locale.

Debra Kerper

debra kerper  Debra Kerper, CATA, ACC, has helped people explore the world since 1993.  She owns Easy Access Travel, a Cruise Planners Franchise that is part of the American Express Retail Travel Network. The goal of Easy Access Travel is to ensure that everyone, regardless of age or physical limitations, has the opportunity to travel.  Debra, an older adult, has lived with lupus since age 20 and is a bilateral lower-limb amputee.  She travels extensively using various types of mobility aids (scooter, wheelchair, etc.).  Debra speaks nationally about “How to Travel with Special Needs” and loves to share her expertise with everyone. Learn more at easyaccesstravel.com. 

Ron Kline, M.D.

Dr Ron Kline

Dr.Ronald Kline graduated with his M.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch, then completed both his general surgery residency and a colon and rectal surgery fellowship at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. He is certified by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery.  Additionally, he is a Fellow of both the American College of Surgeons and the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons. 

Dr. Kline received his certification in age management medicine from the Cenegenics Institute. This training led him to incorporate hormone replacement therapy into his practice. He saw the effects that hormone replacement provided in all aspects of the patient’s life, especially sexual health. From there, he looked for additional methods to improve and enhance sexual performance, which in turn brought him to Renewal Medical Centers and innovative therapy for improving men’s sexual health.

Jane Laskey

jane laskey, PlainJanesGuideToHappinessJane Laskey is the founder of Plain Jane’s Guide to Happiness. She is a 50+ woman from Minnesota who describes herself as a seeker of bliss, a creative junkie, and a work in progress, determined to make the second half of her life the best. To do so, she focuses on the things that make her feel alive and ditching the things that don’t. In her inspiring blog, she shares personal experiences, deep thoughts, and eternal optimism. Find Jane: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest. 

Michael “The Onion Peeler” Lubell 

 Following an NYU MBA and Northwestern BA, a modest business career with practically record-setting job changes, Michael left the world of sales and marketing for the freelance creative side to write in 2018.  No longer beholden to the whims and politics of the corporate world, he found solace and satisfaction writing for Next Avenue, Forbes, CyberParent, and other publications on subjects as diverse as Zoom Reunions, Bi-polarized Friendships, “Gigging”, and Hiring Prejudice and Obstacles.   He also works on B2B and B2C ad copy while working on his book chronicling his experiences pursuing his Dream Job as a Writer.

Michelle Grace Maiellaro

Michelle Grace Maiellaro

 An American expat in Italy with a versatile career history, Michelle Grace Maiellaro is a leukemia survivor who helps midlife women triumph through life crises and change. Download her free resource, Resilience 101: The Quick-Start Guide To Survive Uncertain Times on her blog, The Resilient Woman Today.

Carol Marak

 Carol Marak is a Solo Aging Advisor and Advocate. She is the founder of The Elder Orphan Facebook Group, SOLO and SMART YouTube Channel, and Solo Aging Master Group Coaching. Find her work at www.CarolMarak.com. Carol is the go-to authority on solo aging by leading publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Money Magazine, AARP, and NPR. Website

Lana McAra

Lana McAra  Lana McAra is an international best-selling, award-winning author and ghostwriter of more than 40 titles with a million books sold (many under the pseudonym Rosey Dow), including her new cookbook Real Food on a Budget. An author via traditional publishing for 25 years, she has been editing and ghostwriting for more than 20 years, working for WinePress Publishing as well as Author One Stop and individual clients. Lana lives in central Arizona.


Donna Leibow

donna leibow

A native of New Orleans, and with a degree from LSU, Donna started as an elementary school teacher. For many years, she found self-fulfillment by helping her students learn and grow. In 2008, she made a career change to real estate with Keller Williams. This was not the ideal time to begin a career in real estate, but Donna’s never-quit attitude is summed up by her favorite saying, “Dream Big!”  It was because of Keller Williams’ support system and continuing education that today Donna is a Triple Diamond award winner, and mega agent, and is ranked No.7 out of 450 Keller Williams agents. And like Keller Williams, she strives to “pay it forward”, by sharing her knowledge and experience with new agents as they enter the profession. Her motto is simple: “My clients are clients for life!” OTHER ARTICLES BY DONNA Learn more about Donna: website  | (972) 897-7638  | Donna@theleibowteam.com

Laurie Miller

laurie miller, apple care & companion

Laurie is the owner and president of Apple Care & Companion, a Carrollton-based non-medical home care agency. She provides knowledgeable and caring home care providers to specifically meet the needs of her clients and consistently receives rave reviews.  She is a Home Care Network Partner, a Board Member for NTags, and a facilitator for The Conversation Project.

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

Lisa, Chief Simplification Officer at Living Simply by Lisa, was a corporate Finance executive with experience motivating teams while saving millions of dollars in process improvements for 30 years.  Stepping out of corporate life, she now uses her expertise to help clients organize, transform, and take back their lives, one space at a time.  Her lifelong passion for helping others provides a way for her to leverage her skills to help clients organize and take control.

Dr. Deepa Pattani

detox your body naturally, Dr. Deepa PattaniDr. Deepa is a Functional Medicine Specialist, author, as seen on Forbes, CBD specialist, LDN compounder, pharmacy owner, wife, and mom of two. Dr. Deepa equips frustrated, stressed professionals with tools to stop feeling fatigued, anxious controlled, and hopeless and feel sustained energy, in control, and healthy with her 7-step PATTANI protocol that utilizes diagnostic testing and 1:1 coaching so they can live their best life yet. Over the past two decades, Dr. Deepa has worked in hospitals and long-term care so she understands treating the root cause is the only option. As an autoimmune disease educator, Dr. Deepa has helped patients manage weight loss, reduce medications, and decrease hospitalizations. She has helped over 500 patients in the last 5 years alone and has been a frequent speaker and educated other medical professionals. Dr. Deepa has been seen on Forbes, featured in Dallas Voyage Magazine, has been a repeat radio guest, and Bestselling author of the book “Unleashing the Storrie Within” which can be found on Amazon. She’s passionate about utilizing CBD to reduce medications, microdosing with LDN, and holistic healing. Contact Dr. Deepa at AllenPharmacist@gmail.com

Elisa Reiter

elisa reiter Elisa Reiter is an attorney, Board Certified by TBLS in both Family Law and Child Welfare Law.  She practices with Underwood Perkins, P.C., a proud member of the MSI Global Alliance. See more about Mrs. Reiter and UP’s top-notch fleet of lawyers at www.underwoodperkins.com. UP offers services in litigation, family law, bankruptcy, transactional work, and estate and probate.  Mrs. Reiter writes, and you may find many of her articles on family law, elder law, child welfare law, and related matters at www.ResearchGate.net.

Laura Sarna

laura sarna Laura Sarna is a certified practitioner of energy balancing, guided imagery, and spiritual counseling, and is a business partner with For The Love Of Healing. Her journey taught her to relax into this big amazing process of becoming a better human increasingly aligned with her soul’s purpose. Embracing forgiveness and learning to love herself have been and continue to be her biggest growth opportunities. Her studies with mentor Deborah Singleton (www.ahealingplace.org) proved invaluable along the way. I love time with family, music, being in nature (especially forests), and all cats large and small. Laura works and resides in the Dallas, TX area.

Brad Sham

Brad Sham

Brad serves as a play-by-play announcer for NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball broadcasts on Westwood One Sports. Also known as “the voice of the Dallas Cowboys”, Brad’s long broadcasting career includes numerous Cotton Bowl Classics, the Big 12 TV basketball network, NCAA basketball, and football as well as the NFL and the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games for CBS Radio/Westwood One. He wrote a book of his favorite Cowboys’ stories titled Stadium Stories: The Dallas Cowboys for Globe-Pequot Press in 2003. Brad won 8 Katie Awards from the Press Club of Dallas and was named Texas Sportscaster of the Year 10 times by the National Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association. He was an inaugural inductee into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2002. He serves on the board of directors of the Cotton Bowl and the board of trustees of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.

Edd & Cynthia Staton

Edd and Cynthia Staton

Edd and Cynthia Staton are America’s best-known experts on moving abroad and expat life. They have appeared on network television, written hundreds of articles for national and international publications, and are regularly featured in major media outlets including ABC News, CBS News, CNBC, Forbes, and USA Today. They are authors of three Amazon best-selling books. Their trilogy, Mission: Rescue Your Retirement, hit #1 in 10 categories as diverse as personal finance, retirement planning, self-help, travel, and comedy! They created Retirement Reimagined, a revolutionary Master Course providing comprehensive, step-by-step guidance to successfully retire in another country. Visit them at eddandcynthia.com.

Debi Talbert

Debi Talbert

Debi Talbert is a Certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School and This Naked Mind Institute. She coaches the 50-plus individual who wants to end their dysfunctional relationship with alcohol.

Debi knows at a deeply personal level that Life Coaching is transformative. She helps clients rebuild their trust in themselves and change their beliefs about life. She is the creator of Exit The Drinking Life podcast and offers online programs that include training videos and weekly live coaching sessions. In addition, she offers a monthly membership to teach you to coach yourself,  feel better, take massive action, and flourish in life beyond alcohol. Find information about programs and resources at rethinkingalcohol.com

Anissa Telle

anissa telle Anissa Telle is a voracious reader who enjoys a wide range of genres and reads between 5-7 books per week. She writes honest and clear reviews regularly for a variety of different venues.  Anissa is known for her thoughtful and detailed reviews that shape the reading choices of many.    

John Adam Wasowicz

john wasowitz

John Adam Wasowicz is an author and practicing attorney. His first book, Daingerfield Island, introduced readers to Mo Katz, a defense attorney who had previously worked as a city prosecutor. The popularity of the book led to a sequel, Jones Point, and that book led to a series with the publication of Slaters LaneThe stories are set in Old Town Alexandria, VA. All of the books are available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook from major online retailers or through indie bookstores. Book Four, Roaches Run, is scheduled for publication in 2021. John lives in Mount Vernon, VA, with his wife, Robin.

Barbara Winard


barbara winard She began her solo travels in college, and during her 20s and 30s, solo traveled to Europe, Asia, and North and South America. After returning from a 6-month trip to Asia, she wandered off the street and was hired by the Asia Society in New York City to produce films and print materials for adults and children about Asian culture. She also worked as a film programmer and traveled to film festivals around the world. Barbara got her start in film with New York City’s public television station, WNET/13, and was a freelance documentary writer and producer for ten years. A Jersey girl, Barbara, and her husband moved from Jersey City to New Castle, Delaware, last year. She has been writing for Road Scholar, TravelAwaits.com, and several other online magazines; her blog is the Babyboomer. blog.

Adam Wright, M.D.

Adam WrightAdam Wright, M.D. is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon at the Plano Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center in Plano, Texas. He specializes in both routine and complex joint replacement of the hip and knee. He is proficient in emerging and innovative techniques in primary and revision arthroplasty including minimally invasive surgery, anterior hip replacement, outpatient and rapid recovery total joint replacement, patient-specific or custom implants, robotic-assisted surgery, computer navigation, infection, and fracture management. Learn more about Dr. Wright.