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12 Ways to Cultivate a “Can Do” Mindset

can do mindset

by Debi Talbert   Now that I’ve accumulated enough seniority as a Flight Attendant, my Second Act Career, I have Sunday’s off. This day off gives me time to work on my Third Act Career as a Life and Wellness Coach helping people to drink less. Sunday morning inspiration My husband and I love

Finding the Optimal Volunteer Opportunity

volunteer, garden

by Leslie Farin Recently,Kerry Hannon from Next Avenue wrote a wonderful article about the joy giving back can bring. She talks about the importance of volunteering in a position that matches your interests and skill set, but that doing so is sometimes easier said than done. Not all volunteer opportunities are a

My Possibilities-Changing the Educational Landscape for Adults with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

my possibilities

By Jessica Taper Volunteer Opportunities at My Possibilities My Possibilities, a Plano-based non-profit is a pioneering leader in vocational education for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) throughout North Texas and building a blueprint that could spark a trend across the nation. My Possibilities is a full day, full year continuing

Be a Part of Our 50Plus-Today Giving Circle

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What is a Giving Circle? A Giving Circle is participatory philanthropy. Groups of individuals get together to donate money or time to a pooled fund and decide as a group to which charity they will give. They also work to increase their awareness of issues related to the cause they choose.