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An Essential Read for Those New to the Workplace & A Terrific Resource for Parents/Grandparents Mentoring Their Offspring

workplace secrets revealed
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by Leslie Farin


“There’s so much I would have done differently had I known in my twenties what I know now.”,

Why stumble through discovering how things work when you can get a head start on the learning curve that exists any time you embark on new endeavors?  Workplace Secrets Revealed is a fast read that will give you an edge over the competition. It is also a GREAT GRADUATION OR HOLIDAY GIFT and a terrific source of material for parents or grandparents who are mentoring their offspring. 

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Sharing life lessons

Workplace Secrets Revealed (Passing the Baton to the Next Generation) provides important information Oppenheimer wished he knew early on. He talks about leadership, attitude, office gossip, integrity, networking, mentorship, online manners and more, all in a quick, easy to read format. One of my favorite quotes from the book is from the chapter on integrity. He writes,

“Don’t cheat, lie, steal or do anything you would not want your mother reading or hearing about on the news or internet.”

Many of the tips in the book, like this one, might sound like common sense to us older folks. However, a new environment can be overwhelming and unsettling. Someone starting out might not realize one dumb mistake can easily follow you around the rest of your career. This book provides concrete tips to help navigate this strange new world of adult employment and avoid mistakes along the way. 

Life happens

Most people experience some type of disruption over the years, often due to circumstances beyond their control. Life happens, and sometimes unexpected situations change the trajectory of your career path and your life – and that’s O.K. The book also delves into what to do when career plans are derailed.

Oppenheimer is no stranger to transitions, or “life quakes” as he calls them. Forced to reinvent himself due to professional, personal or financial life quakes, he learned the right attitude and flexibility can lead to wonderful opportunities. Like writing a book.



allen oppenheimerAlan L. Oppenheimer, CPA, MBA is an author based in Plano, Texas. He worked for both large and medium size companies over his 40+ years of professional tenure, and experienced a variety of management styles and business situations. He also consulted for several companies in situations related to mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, bank loans, forecasting, and year-end audit preparation. Companies with whom he worked include JCPenny, Sally’s Beauty, The Zale Corporation, Neiman Marcus, Tony Roma’s and Tuesday Morning, Inc.

For more insight and direction for productively handling issues encountered in the workplace, learn more through his quick read, available in paperback and e-book, Workplace Secrets Revealed (Passing the Baton to the Next Generation)

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originally published January 6, 2021
updated August 26, 2021



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