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Easy Breathing Exercise

easy breathing exercise

By Linda Benkö I would like to invite you to do a breathing exercise with me. You can do this standing or seated (seated, legs uncrossed, is best if you have low blood pressure).  Feel your feet, the contact with the floor. Straighten your upper body, placing one vertebrae naturally on the

Simple Tips to Help You Dodge the Flu

flu season

by Debi Talbert It’s winter, which means in addition to cooler weather, we’re also faced with flu season. Just this weekend I missed my grandson’s sixth birthday because of the flu. I'll probably have to miss my granddaughter's third birthday party too since the flu can drag on for weeks.  My daughter

Still Hot…Just Comes in Flashes Now!


by Ellen Blake   News flash about menopause At this very moment I am hot, sweaty and to be perfectly honest, kind of disgusting. True, it is summer in Texas which can be unbearable under the best of circumstances, but the extreme weather is not the reason I am an overheated mess. The

Does Aging Change How Our Medications Work?


by Ellen Blake For many of us, aging means taking more medications than when we were younger. When helping care for my mom over the years, it seemed the list grew larger every year. She, like other seniors, developed new chronic illnesses as she aged which required new and different pills. In

Beware of the narcissist: don’t ignore the signs

my friend is a narcissist

by Ellen Blake My Friend is a Narcissist I recently made a new friend - or so I thought. We worked together for a short time. She was extremely charming, fun, confident and first. I don't have much experience with people with narcissistic personalities.  I'm sure I've come across others over the

Think Spinning is Not for You?

spinning class

by Leslie Farin I invite friends often to join me for a spinning class, but rarely does anyone take me up on it. The thought of walking into a cycle studio seems to intimidate people. Do the instructors yell and play the music too loud? Will I be pushed too hard?