Why I Started 50PlusToday, Senior Lifestyle Magazine

How 50PlusToday began

My online senior lifestyle magazine, 50PlusToday, is a business that happily pulls together a lifetime of passions and skills for me.My career started in the medical field where I worked as a clinical dietitian. Later, after I obtained an advanced degree in public health, I expanded my focus to encompass overall health and wellness.

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I moved from a clinical setting to private practice where I worked with both individuals and groups, primarily older adults. To grow my practice, I marketed my programs and myself to the community, and to my surprise, found I greatly enjoyed this aspect of the business; it provided a creative outlet for me I didn’t know I needed. After I achieved some success, I moved on to provide marketing consulting services to other small businesses.

My Love Affair with Older Adults Began Early

Throughout my career I worked with a wide variety of products and services but was particularly attracted to those related in some way to older adults. Over the years, I enjoyed many rewarding interactions with different facets of the 50+ population in professional, personal and volunteer capacities. This population is the fastest growing in the U.S. today, yet often overlooked.

Decreased mobility is a frequent issue for many of us as we age. This was the case for my mom who spent the last 8 years of her life in a wheelchair. As a result, I am particularly dedicated to helping create a safe and equally accessible world for all.  This should be a given in 2020, but unfortunately is not. We need to find ways to remove barriers that decrease participation and increase isolation for those with disabilities, a problem especially for the elderly. I try to do my part; in 2016 I designed and built a mostly accessible vacation rental in Hill country, Texas to encourage intergenerational travel.

Now I’m Part of the Club

When I entered the 50 Plus age group myself, I became overwhelmed by the many changes, both in body and spirit, which accompanied this new phase of life; I knew others must feel similarly. It made sense at this point in my journey to combine my healthcare background and marketing skills with my desire to help others live the second half of their lives as well, if not better than the first.

About 50Plus-Today.com

Our top-rated online senior lifestyle magazine, 50PlusToday, provides accurate, insightful and inspiring information for the ever-growing 50+ population and their families. Growing older is a privilege, though unfortunately many of us fail to see it that way. Our later years are a great time to figure out and achieve what we want from life without the uncertainty that followed us in our earlier years. Many people decide during this time to make changes in their lives in pursuit of their happiness, health, and overall well-being. 50Plus-Today seeks to answer all the questions you didn’t even know you had about this new phase of your life!

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